December Wrap Up: The Month of Blogmas

Hi all! Holy crap, it's the end of the year. I can't believe how fast and yet how slow this horrible year has gone by. But I'm low-key laughing at the people who are like "can't wait for it to be 2021 already", as if the virus magically expires in 2021 like a coupon. Anyway, … Continue reading December Wrap Up: The Month of Blogmas

Blogmas #25: Christmas Book Haul

Hi all! Welcome to the last day of Blogmas! I just celebrated Christmas with my family and I'm exhausted. This year, it was at my house and we put on a feast! Take a look at some of the photos I took: The last photo is me (left) and my sister! Oh, and before anyone … Continue reading Blogmas #25: Christmas Book Haul

Blogmas #20: My (Slightly Strange) Christmas Playlist

Hi all! Welcome to day 20 of Blogmas! Today, I'm bringing you my favourite songs for Christmas -- some of them are Christmas related and some aren't. And some of them are downright weird! Let me know what your favourite songs are! Carol of the Bells - John Williams version Carol of the Bells … Continue reading Blogmas #20: My (Slightly Strange) Christmas Playlist

Blogmas #19: Mini Classic Review – Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo's tale of injustice, heroism and love follows the fortunes of Jean Valjean, an escaped convict determined to put his criminal past behind him. But his attempts to become a respected member of the community are constantly put under threat: by his own conscience, when, owing to a case of mistaken identity, another man … Continue reading Blogmas #19: Mini Classic Review – Les Misérables by Victor Hugo