Blogmas #24: 10 Bookish Facts About Me

Hi all!

It’s Blogmas day 24! Just one day left, y’all! I still can’t believe I’m almost done 🙌🏼

Today I’m bringing you 10 Bookish Facts About Me! I’ve never done anything like this before, so it’s quite exciting.

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1. I hate reviewing books. Literally can’t stand it! Which is quite strange seeing as I run a book review blog. But there’s just something so difficult about reviewing that sucks the fun out of talking about books. But I keep trying, and do end up liking the final product, even though I don’t enjoy the process of writing.


2. I fell in love with reading in year 8. The book that I read that made me fall in love with reading was They Came on Viking Ships by Jackie French. I had to read it for my English class in year 8. We were reading a couple of chapters each class and I fell in love with the book so I just finished it.

3. Enemies to lovers is my favourite trope. No other trope can ever compete with enemies to lovers! Seriously, it trumps all others. But I mean actual enemies to lovers, not just “slightly dislike each other and then fall in love within 5 minutes” which is what a lot of people act like enemies to lovers is. 😅

4. I only use bookmarks. This one is a bit weird but I’ll explain: I always see Tik Toks or tweets about readers that is always like “readers use anything as a bookmark, even a receipt or a Switch, or something equally as ridiculous”. And NOPE! I refuse to do that. I always use a bookmark — because I have a million — and I don’t like putting weird gross stuff in my book that could possibly damage it.

5. I can’t deal with a structured TBR. I always get so stressed out when planning a TBR. I’m a massive mood reader and that’s what works for me!

6. My most cherished books are signed self-published editions of Captive Prince and Prince’s Gambit. Why this book means so much to me is because it’s a self-published version of Captive Prince, when C.S. Pacat was known as S.U. Pacat. You can’t get your hands on these self-pubbed copies anymore, and I’ve seen them go for a good couple of hundreds of dollars on websites.

7. I prefer paperback to hardback. I know hardbacks look better on shelves, but they’re such a nuisance. They’re heavy, SO DAMN EXPENSIVE, and don’t fit in my handbag when I take a book out with me. Hardbacks in Australia are over $30.

8. I own multiple copies of books. But only my favourite books! I adore some books and want to own all the pretty copies I can. But I don’t go super overboard. For e.g., I really wanted the limited edition The Starless Sea penguin edition but it was £300 ($600AUD). I can’t justify that money AT ALL, no matter how pretty the book is.

9. I don’t DNF books. I hardly ever DNF books — haven’t DNF’d a single one this year, or last. And that’s because I read books I’m interested in and know I’m going to enjoy. I just don’t have the time to try reading a book I don’t think I’m going to enjoy, so why bother.

10. I only buy a limited amount of books. I’m not someone who buys many books! I have a limited amount of funds and can’t justify spending $30 on a book I’m not sure I’m going to like. I only buy books from authors I love, or books that are part of a series I’m reading. If I want to buy a book from an author I haven’t tried before, most likely I’ll buy the book from Target or Big W (because it’s cheap there) or second-hand online. I’m a great bargain hunter!

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.51.19 pm

What are some bookish facts about you? Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Blogmas #24: 10 Bookish Facts About Me

  1. Rachana says:

    High five fellow mood reader! I’m terrible at sticking to a tbr too haha. Sometimes I make one but I usually end up reading only half of the books on the list. Alsoo I love the limited editions of starless sea – they are truly gorgeous but quite expensive. Ironically, I ended up listening to the audiobook.


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