Clear Ur Shit Readathon – Sign Up and TBR

Hi all!

I decided this year I’m going to be joining the Clear Ur Shit readathon. I have tentatively made plans to do this readathon before but always gave up not long after it started. However, I recently finished my Classics Club challenge and the 2022 PopSugar Reading Challenge and I am bereft. I have so many book options to read, but I have found it really difficult to read without a reading challenge structure. So here we are.

Tentative TBR

My TBR might change over the readathon, as I can be a mood reader. I can’t promise I’m going to be able to read all of these books, but will certainly try.

Meet cute: a book with a romance plot or subplot: Prince and Assassin by Tavia Lark – read

Date night: a book you could read in one night: Daniel Cabot Puts Down Roots by Cat Sebastian – read

Spicy night: a book that’s sexy under the covers (pretty dust jacket): Ocean’s Echo by Everina Maxwell- read

Kidnapped!: a book with a quest for a lost person/item: Prince in Disguise by Tavia Lark – read

Soulmate rescue: mini boss battle: Jack of All Trades – Read a book from a different genre than your last read: Total Creative Control by Joanna Chambers and Sally Malcolm – read

Happily ever after: a feel good book: Fence: Rise by C.S. Pacat

Discover your powers: ‘secret world’ trope: The Old Guard: Tales Through Time by Greg Rucka – read

Training montage: a book with a journey: A Thief in the Night by K.J. Charles – read

Find your team: a book with a group cast: Pack of Lies by Charlie Adhara – read

Bonding time side quest: free book: Home Grown Talent by Joanna Chambers and Sally Malcolm – read

Archnemesis: a book with an epic battle: The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien

Victory parade: free book: The Last Kiss by Sally Malcolm – read

Giant’s books: read your longest book: Fire and Blood by George R.R. Martin

Useless MC: a sequel you have low hopes for: Vows of Empire by Emily Skrutskie (only because so many of my friends rated it 3 stars when the previous books were 4 and 5 stars) – read

Age gap MC love Interest: a book with a trope you hate (well, I really enjoy age gap romances, soooooo): Fake Out by Eden Finley – trope I hate is ‘fake dating’ – read

Beanstalk: green book cover or a book with plant themes: Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys

Clout readers: mini boss battle

Time to nap: free book: Masters in this Hall by KJ Charles

Cyrosleep: a book you keep forgetting is on your TBR: Sagittarius Saves Libra by Anyta Sunday

Robot side characters: a book featuring tech or robots: Artificial Condition by Martha Wells – read

Crash landing: a book set on another planet: Lost Stars by Claudia Gray

Capitalistic hellscape: an expensive book: Reforged by Seth Haddon (this book is $53 in Aus right now)

Missing parts: continue a series: Hello Forever by Sarina Bowen – read

Escape!: a book with found family: Goodbye Paradise by Sarina Bowen – read

Spooky!: a book with a dark cover: A Taste of Gold and Iron by Alexandra Rowland

Slasher is coming: a book with a supposed twist: In Midnight’s Silence by T. Frohock

RUN: a fast paced or short book: The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka – read

Everything is a-ok: free book space


Always double tap!: read a book from another one of the strengths/weaknesses prompts

SURPRISE ENDING: don’t worry about this one xoxo


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