Tackling my Kindle TBR

Hi all!

Lately, the list of Kindle books that I own is getting out of control. Like … seriously out of control, I have a problem. Anyway, I saw that the lovely Destiny over at Howling Libraries (please go check out her awesome blog!!) created a massive list of all of her owned books and is crossing them off as she reads them — kind of inspiration to knock off books from her TBR. And I thought that would be a good idea to do with my Kindle books — some of which I’ve had on my TBR for years!

Note: I don’t actually spend this much money on books, I promise!! Haha. I follow a website that lets me track when Kindle books go on sale and/or free, and there’s always Kindle books being promoted when they’re on sale/for free on Twitter and through an author’s newsletter. I’ve actually gotten a lot of these books for like 99c or even free.  I don’t know why I feel like I had to tell you guys this, I just did. Oh, you’re also going to see that I barely read my ARCs. Like, I have ARCs on this list that are over a year old. I’m lazy.

The following list is a collection of all the Kindle books I own, including e-ARCs I have received. .

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 6.33.18 pm

My Kindle TBR

Aciman, Andre – Call Me By Your Name
Adeyemi, Toni – Children of Blood and Bone
Aislin, Amy – The Heights (ARC)
Albert, Annabeth – At Attention
Albert, Annabeth – Off Base
Albert, Annabeth – On Point
Albert, Annabeth – Wheels Up
Albertalli, Becky & Silvera, Adam – What If It’s Us (ARC)
Ali, Em – Soft on Soft
Ambrose, Laura – A Hidden Hope
Andrews, Kiera – Beyond the Sea
Andrews, Kiera – Kidnapped by the Pirate
Andrews, Kiera – Valor on the Move
Arnold, Elena K. – Damsel
Ashton, Brodi – Everneath

Backman, Fredrik – Bear Town
Barnette, Abigail – The Boss
Barry, Sebastian – Days Without End
Beecroft, Alex – The Reluctant Berserker
Berube, Amelinda – The Dark Beneath the Ice (ARC)
Black, Holly – The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
Black, Holly – The Darkest Part of the Forest
Blue, Melissa – Under his Kilt
Bowen, Sarina – The Understatement of the Year
Bowen, Sarina & Kennedy, Elle – Stay
Boyne, John – The Heart’s Invisible Furies
Bray, Libba – The Diviners
Brennan, Sarah Rees – Unspoken
Brite, Poppy Z. – Lost Souls
Brockenbrough, Martha – The Game of Love and Death
Brown, Lorelie – Far From Home
Brusatte, Steve – Rise of the Dinosaurs
Byrde, Ann-Katrin – The Omega’s Secret Baby

Carson, Rae – Walk on Earth a Stranger
Chambers, Becky – A Closed and Common Orbit
Chambers, Becky – The Long Way to a Small and Angry Planet
Chambers, Becky – Record of a Spaceborn Few
Charles, KJ – Band Sinister
Clare, Cassandra – A Deeper Love
Clare, Cassandra – The Land I Lost
Clare, Cassandra – Learn About Loss
Clare, Cassandra – The Wicked Ones
Clare, Cassandra – Through Blood, Through Fire
Cole, Alyssa – A Princess in Theory
Cole, Alyssa – A Duke by Default
Cullinan, Heidi – Antisocial (ARC)
Cullinan, Heidi – Carry the Ocean
Cullinan, Heidi – Shelter the Sea

d’Abo, Christine – Faking It
d’Abo, Christine – Making It
Dao, Julie – Forest of a Thousand Lanterns
Dickinson, Seth – The Traitor Baru Cormorant
Dietrich, Cale – The Love Interest (ARC)
Dremer, Sarah – The Dark Wife
Diemer, Sarah – The Witch Sea
Donnelly, Lara Elena – Amberlough
Duran, Alexis – Gryffon Hall
Dunbar, Helene – Boomerang

Easton, Eli – Christmas Angel

Fleet, Suki – Light Up the Dark
Frank, Ella – Try
Frost, Dominique – The Bitter Rednesses of Love

Gale, Avon – Coach’s Challenge
Gale, Avon – Empty Net
Gale, Avon – Power Play
Gale, Avon – Save of the Game
Gale, Avon & Parrish, Roan – Heart of the Steal
Gale, Avon & Parrish, Roan – Thrall (ARC)
Gallagher, Ann – Lead Me Not
Glasser, Ronald J. – 365 Days
Gordon, GB – Operation Green Card (ARC)
Gough, Erin – Amelia Westlake
Grant, Mira – Into the Drowning Deep
Greenwood, Kerry – Out of the Black Land
Greenwood, Kerry – The Rat and the Raven

Hale, Ginn – Black Blades
Hale, Ginn – Servants of the Crossed Arrows
Hale, Ginn – Wicked Gentleman
Hall, Alexis – How to Bang a Billionaire
Hawk, Jordan L. – Balefire
Hawk, Jordan L. – Hunter of Demons
Hendricks, Alison – False Start
Hendricks, Alison – Offside
Hendricks, Alison – Roughing the Passer
Hendricks, Alison – Trick Play
Henry, Lisa – Sweetwater
Henry, Lisa & Rock, J.A. – The Two Gentlemen of Altona
Hibbert, Talia – A Girl Like Her
Hibbert, Talia – Bad for the Boss
Hibbert, Talia – Mating the Huntress
Hibbert, Talia – Merry Inkmas
Hibbert, Talia – The Princess Trap
Hibbert, Talia – Sweet on the Greek
Hibbert, Talia – Undone by the Ex-Con
Hibbert, Talia – Wanna Bet?
Hoover, Colleen – Too Late

Jae – Damage Control
Jemisin, N.K. – The Fifth Season
Jensen, Kelly – Building Forever (ARC)
Jensen, Kelly – Renewing Forever (ARC)
Johnson, Hannah – Know Not Why
Jones, Adam Garnet – Fire Song

Kagawa, Julie – Shadow of the Fox (ARC)
Kahler, Alex R. – Runebinder (ARC)
Kerick, Mia – Love Spell (ARC)
Kessler, Liz – Read Me Like A Book
Killjoy, Margaret – Into the Gray
Kingsbridge, Cordelia – Can’t Hide From Me
Kingsbridge, Cordelia – Kill Game (ARC)
Kingsbridge, Cordelia – Trick Roller (ARC)
Klune, TJ – A Destiny of Dragons
Klune, TJ – A Wish Upon the Stars

Klune, TJ – Bear, Otter and the Kid
Klune, TJ – The Bones Beneath My Skin
Klune, TJ – The Consumption of Magic
Klune, TJ – Crisped + Sere
Klune, TJ – How To Be a Normal Person
Klune, TJ – Into this River I Drown
Klune, TJ – The Lightning-Struck Heart
Klune, TJ – Murmuration
Klune, TJ – Withered + Sere
Knox, Elizabeth – The Vintner’s Luck
Koyanagi, Jacqueline – Ascension
Kuang, R.F. – The Poppy War

Lane, Amy – Truth in the Dark
Lane, K.E. – And Playing the Role of Herself
Lee, Fonda – Jade City
Lee, Mackenzi – The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky
Lo, Malinda – Huntress

Maniscalo, Kerri – Stalking Jack the Ripper
Marcel, Jesse & Lynda – The Roswell Legacy
Marsh, Sarah Glenn – Reign of the Fallen
McCade, Cole – Criminal Intentions: The Cardigans
McCade, Cole – Criminal Intentions: Junk Shop Blues
McCade, Cole – Criminal Intentions: The Man With the Glass Eye
McCade, Cole – Criminal Intentions: Changing Faces
McCade, Cole – Criminal Intentions: It’s Witchcraft
McCade, Cole / Xen – From the Ashes
McCade, Cole – His Cocky Cellist
McCade, Cole – His Cocky Valet
McCade, Cole – Over and Over Again
McNamara, Miriam – The Unbinding of Mary Reade (ARC)
Merikan, K.A. – The Devil’s Ride
Merikan, K.A. – He is Poison
McLemore, Anna-Marie – Wild Beauty (ARC)
McDonald, Ian – Time Was (ARC)
Miller, Madeline – Galatea
Mitchell, Saundra – All Out
Montefiore, Simon Sebag – The Romanovs
Moody, Collette – The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin
Moskovich, Yelena – Virtuoso (ARC)
Morton, Lily – Deal Maker
Morton, Lily – Rule Breaker

Nelson, Jandy – I’ll Give You The Sun

O’Neill, Jamie – At Swim, Two Boys
Osborn, Jaclyn – Axios

Parrish, Roan – The Remaking of Corbin Wale (ARC)
Parrish, Roan – Riven (ARC)
Parrish, Roan – Rend (ARC)
Parrish, Roan – Small Changes
Polk, C.L. – Witchmark

Ray, Brooklyn – Darkling
Reed, Amy – The Nowhere Girls (ARC)
Reynolds, Jason – Long Way Down
Rice, Anne – Cry to Heaven
Ritchie, Becca & Krista – The Raging Ones (ARC)
Ritchie, Becca & Krista – Damaged Like Us
Rivera, K Arsenault – The Tiger’s Daughter (ARC)
Roehrig, Caleb – Last Seen Leaving (ARC)
Roehrig, Caleb – White Rabbit (ARC)
Royal, Suzanne van – Scardust
Russell, EJ – Cutie and the Beast

Scott, Melissa & Griswold, Amy – Death by Silver
Schwab, Victoria – Our Dark Duet
Sebastian, Cat – It Takes Two to Tumble
Sebastian, Cat – The Lawrence Browne Affair
Sebastian, Cat – The Ruin of a Rake
Sebastian, Cat – The Soldier’s Scoundrel
Sebastian, Cat – Unmasked by the Marquess
Sepetys, Ruta – Between Shades of Gray
Shannon, Samantha – The Bone Season
Skrutskie, Emily – The Abyss Surrounds Us
Skrutskie, Emily – The Edge of the Abyss
Sim, Tara – Chainbreaker (ARC)
Sim, Tara – Firestarter (ARC)
Simone, Sierra – American Queen
Simone, Sierra – American King
Simone, Sierra – American Prince
Solnit, Rebecca – Men Explain Things To Me
Summers, Nash – Arrows Through the Heart
Sunday, Anyta – DJ Dangerfield
Sunday, Anyta – Enemies to Lovers Box Set
Sunday, Anyta – (In)Visible
Sunday, Anyta – Liam Davis and the Raven (ARC)
Sunday, Anyta – Noticed Me Yet?
Sunday, Anyta – Shrewd Angel (ARC)
Sunday, Anyta – Taboo For You
Sunday, Anyta – True Luck

Tammi, Elizabeth – Outrun the Wind (ARC)
Taylor, Laini – Muse of Nightmares (ARC)
Taylor, Laini – Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Taylor, Laini – Days of Blood and Starlight
Taylor, Laini – Dreams of Gods and Monsters
Turner, Megan Whalen – The Thief

Vaughn, M.E. – The Sons of Thestian
Verity, Chace – Just Some Things

Wake, Elliot – Bad Boy
Wake, Elliot – Cam Girl
Wake, Elliot – Unteachable
Ward, J.R. – Dark Lover
Watson, Grace – The Story of Lizzy and Darcy
Weatherspoon, Rebekah – So Sweet
Wellington, Dru – Captain Bjorn
White, Kiersten – Bright We Burn
White, Kiersten – Now I Rise
Winters, Julian – Running with Lions (ARC)
Witt, L.A. – Back Piece
Witt, L.A. – Cover Up
Witt, L.A. – Covet Thy Neighbour
Witt, L.A. – The Husband Gambit (ARC)
Witt, L.A. – Out of Focus
Witt, L.A. – Pounding Skin
Witt, L.A. & Cari Z – Reckless Behaviour
Witt, L.A. & Cari Z – Risky Behaviour
Witt, L.A. & Cari Z – Suspicious Behaviour

Yanagihara, Hanya – A Little Life

Zabo, Anna – Daily Grind
Zabo, Anna – Due Diligence
Zabo, Anna – Just Business
Zabo, Anna – Outside the Lines (ARC)
Zabo, Anna – Takeover
Zoelle, Anne – The Awakening of Ren Crown

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.51.19 pm

Have you read any of these books? Which one should I read first? Do you think I’ll ever read all of these books? Let me know!

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7 thoughts on “Tackling my Kindle TBR

  1. Marianna @ Marianna's corner says:

    Oh my God there are so many books I don’t know which one to tell you to read first! But I see you have Days of Blood and Starlight there and my duty as a Laini Taylor worshipper has to be fullfilled so READ IT!!! If you were meh about Daughter of Smoke and Bone then I guarantee the second one is much more interesting!!!

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