Reminder: Gone with the Wind Readalong + info on discussions!

21167793Hi all!

So the Gone with the Wind readalong is exactly one week away! The readalong will start March 1 and end March 31, your time!

If you have any plans to read this book, my readalong would be the perfect time!

To check out the original announcement post, click here!

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This post is info on discussing the book for the people who are participating! In case you forgot, the readalong will last for one month and the breakdown of the reading schedule is as follows:

Start: March 1
Stop 1:  March 8 at end of chapter 14 (page 209)
Stop 2: March 15th at end of chapter 30 (page 413)
Stop 3: March 22nd at end of chapter 44 (page 629)
End: March 31st (page 825)

The page numbers correspond to the copy of the book that I own, so the page you end up on at each stop will probably be different.

Discussion schedule

If you want to participate in the discussion as we read this book, I’ll be tweeting using the hashtag #gwtwreadalong — my twitter account is @laurabookcorps if you want to follow!

But for those who don’t have twitter or don’t use it much, I’ll be posting a weekly check-in post about my thoughts on the 200 pages we read for that week.

My schedule for the discussion blog posts are:

First blog post: March 9
Second blog post:
 March 16
Third blog post: March 23
Fourth blog post: 
April 1

(Fair warning, my discussion posts will probably include some swearing, reaction gifs, and will be messy.)

I encourage you to either use the hashtag or to comment on my check-ins each week to discuss Gone with the Wind! I’m very excited to start this book!

Thank you all to those who are participating! 💕

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