#Hamilthon TBR and Sign Up!

Oh boy, oh boy.

I hate myself, don’t I? I said I wasn’t going to join any readathons because in March I’m hosting a readalong and in April I’m hosting my own readathon, but when I found out Hamilthon was a thing, I knew I had to join!


The readathon is based on Hamilton: An American Musical, which I had the pleasure of seeing when I was in America last November! It’s hosted by @ Foxes and Fairytales and you can find more info on the readathon here. The readathon lasts for the whole of March.

For the readthon, you have to read at least 5 books by following the map and reading the books that will help you reach a character. Everyone has to start at Alexander Hamilton. I’m choosing to follow Jefferson’s path because he’s my favourite character in the musical (not the real Jefferson though!)

If you finish the readathon, you can go back and follow a different path!



Alexander Hamilton: Read a book with a name in the title


I’ve been trying to read Bear, Otter and the Kid for ages! I love TJ Klune’s books and so far I’ve been non-stop rereading his Tales From Verania series, and I thought its about time I hurry up and read another of his books. Bear and Otter are the names of the characters in the book so it fits this prompt!


Who Tells Your Story?: Read a book written by a marginalised author

894659I’m very keen for Nightwood! It’s a post-modernist novel about a sapphic woman. Apparently the author influenced T.S. Eliot. It’s supposed to be one of the great works of classic lesbian literature, so I’m hoping its good! It’s also by a marginalised author, which is quite rare for classics books.


The Election of 1800: Read a book set in the past

21167793Kinda cheating with this prompt as I plan to read Gone with the Wind! I’m already hosting a Gone with the Wind readalong in March so I’ll be reading this book anyway 😅. Because this book is so massive, I thought it would be easier to read it for this readathon and my own.



Washington on Your Side: Read a book featuring a devious plot or cunning scheme

33898763I’ve heard really good things about Mr Big Empty! While it does have a queer romance in it, it’s mainly a murder mystery. There’s three books in the series, I believe, and it focuses on a psychic teenager who investigates crimes in his town. Sounds awesome!


What’d I Miss?: Read a book 5+ years old

17163123Another prompt I’m technically cheating in! I want to read Tipping the Velvet for this prompt, even though I’m reading this book for my in real life bookclub! It’s about an oyster girl who falls in love with a female music hall singer. She soon joins her lover in a theatre act, under a butch disguise.


Are you joining the #Hamilthon? Which character path are you taking? Have you read any of these books? Let me know! 

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