The Bookshelf Tag

Hi all!

Today I’m going to be partaking in a pretty cool book tag I came across on Emily Fox’s channel: the bookshelf tag!

Basically, the point of the tag is to answer questions about your bookshelf … how surprising, lmao!

Anyway, let’s go!

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1. How many bookshelves do you have?

Technically, I only have one, which is in my bedroom. However, I do have quite a few books on three bookshelves in our study, so if we include those as well, I guess four?

2. How many books are on your bookshelves? Or how many books you think you have?

I’m only going to be counting the books on my shelf in my room.

The number of books I have on my bookshelf is 129. 

But that’s not including the books in the chest attached to my bookshelf, or the books in the study. So if I were to include that, it would be: 319.

3. How do you organise your books?

In height order! Which is quite random! It used to be rainbow but I was starting to get sick of it. So now I’ve organised it by author, and by height … if that makes sense. And half of the books are turned around — those are the books I still need to read.

4. What is the oldest book on your bookshelf?

I’m assuming this means a book I’ve had on my shelf the longest, which is On the Jellicoe Road. I think I’ve had this book since 2007. It’s one of my favourite books ever!


It’s about an Aussie teen who’s guardian has gone missing at the same time she’s been made captain of her school during the annual war games between her school, the town school and the cadets that camp nearby each summer.

5. What is the newest book on your bookshelf?


I bought this book last month and just finished reading it a few weeks ago and it was fantastic! I do like Jemisin’s previous series The Fifth Season, but this was a great series starter and I will be continuing with the series.

The book is about cities that come to life and New York is about to be born, but there’s a horrible creature from another universe that is trying to stop it. So New York fights back by putting its soul in five different people who have to save it.

6. What is the longest book on your bookshelf?

7444576. sy475

It’s Les Mis coming in at a whopping 1330 pages!

7. What is the shortest book on your bookshelf?

42515118. sy475

This is a collection of short stories set in the Captive Prince universe about Damen and Laurent and their friends. It’s only 148 pages long.

8. What is the predominant genre on your bookshelf?

Definitely fantasy! I’m a massive fantasy fan.

9. Have you done a bookshelf tour?

Yes, I have! But this is old, so I’m going to do another one soon 👀. You can check out my old one here.

10. Go on a random number generator and talk about the book that corresponds with that number.


I got the number 82 which landed on The Lies of Locke Lamora! Which is funny because I just started reading this book today!

11. Do you have fan merch or any other decorations on your bookshelf?

Oh boy, do I?!

In the photo below you’ll see three tiny jars full of sand. The sand is from Egypt, Jordan and Israel. My mum’s best friends (who are sisters) travelled to those countries years ago and brought back sand for me! The sand from Egypt came from right near the Pyramid of Giza.

Then there’s:

  • Four little pins (which you can’t see in the photo): the wardrobe from Narnia, a rainbow library note, a sword from Call Down the Hawk, and a little bee that says “bumble bi”
  • An origami bird made from a Harry Potter book
  • A red card that says “Thank you for coming” and is signed by C.S. Pacat, with a golden lion pin in it
  • The Mortal Cup (from The Mortal Instruments)
  • A small trinket of The Wizard of Oz
  • A tiny coin with Lazlo Strange’s face on it, from Strange the Dreamer
  • A bee necklace and a key necklace (hanging from The Starless Sea books)
  • Gold glasses
  • A gold sword bookmark
  • A keyring that says “Fairy Market” from Call Down the Hawk
  • A mini statue of the Eiffel Tower
  • A letter opener in the shape of King Arthur’s sword
  • Lego Knight Bus from Harry Potter
  • 9 candles: two from Captive Prince, one with crystals, one based on Prince Aladdin, one called The Hinterland, one called Elian Prince of Midas, one called Prince Cardan, one called Mia Corvere, and finally one called Nighwash
  • A small TBR teapot
  • A vase of flowers with the bi flag and a Scottish flag (I’m not Scottish but I bought the flag when I was there and really love that country)
  • A tea coaster of King Richard III.

12. Show us your bookshelf!


13. Tag 5+ people

Azia @ The Uncharted Word | Catarina @ Pages & Plots | Cait @ Cait is Booked | Jill @ Jill’s Book Blog | Rach @ Anxious Nachos

Hope you have fun doing the tag but please don’t feel obliged to do it if you don’t want to! 💕

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9 thoughts on “The Bookshelf Tag

  1. Amber says:

    I’m going to add On Jellicoe Road to my TBR – I’ve never heard of it but I love checking out people’s favourites! 💜 I hope you enjoy The Lies of Locke Lamora! It’s a bit of a long book but I absolutely devoured it – I hope you do too! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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