A Guide to the Shadowhunter Short Stories

Hi all!

Today I’m bringing you a post I’ve been thinking about for ages and one I’m super excited about: a guide to the Shadowhunter short stories! If you’re a fan of the Shadowhunter books, then this post is for you!

A lot of people are confused about the Shadowhunter short stories? Do you have to read them? Are they necessary? Do you need to read all of them or just some of them? Well, the answer is yes! And no.

While the Shadowhunter short stories are typically just extra fun stories and you won’t be confused reading the novels without having read these stories, there are a few of them that I think are really necessary. Some because they relate to the plot of a few novels, some because you then understand the characters better, and some  because they’re just a lot of fun!

These short stories will be separated into two categories: ‘Must Read’ and ‘Just for fun’. ‘Must read’ means that the short story is an important one because it’s plot relates to a novel. ‘Just for fun’ means that the short story is about a character but not necessarily important plot-wise.

I want to reiterate that if you don’t read these stories, you won’t be left behind in the novels. Some of these stories do reveal information before the novels do, but the novels will eventually catch up. But I like knowing things about the books before other fans find out. If you do too, then read on!

If anyone needs help find some short stories (especially the ones only available in print form, let me know, I can help you out!)

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Cassie’s Website, Tumblr and Novels

Before we get into the official short stories, did you know Cassie has some extras on her website? Well, she does and they’re great!

There are some deleted scenes, some famous scenes from a different character’s perspective, and a couple of short stories from characters we don’t hear much of.

While you don’t need to read any of these stories to understand the novel, they’re still a lot of fun. My favourite is Kissed: Magnus and Alec’s First Kiss. There’s also a quick extra on why Will Herondale hates ducks, how Sebastian came to be who he is, and Will and Jem together before the events of Clockwork Angel

Find the all extras on Cassie’s website here.

Then if you go over to Cassie’s Tumblr, you will find a long short story about Jem and Tessa when they first meet up again after Jem is no longer a Silent Brother. This story is just one long sex scene, so if you’re a Jessa fan, you probably don’t want to miss out on this one!
Read it here.

There’s also a graphic short story about Clary and Jace that, again, is one long sex scene.
Read it here.

Then here’s some extras from different websites, as well as from her own novels,
that Cassie has written.

  • A Long Conversation (The Shadowhunter Chronicles) by [Cassandra Clare]From Cat Reads Books Tumblr — lots of short stories not found on Cassie’s website (includes one with a scene where Alec and Jace kiss)
  • From the Shadowhunters Wiki — a couple more random extras
  • When Midnight Comes: a short story about Jace and Clary’s kiss in the greenhouse from Jace’s POV, available only at the back of City of Bones (newer editions)
  • The Act of Falling: a short story about Jace and Clary’s alleyway kiss from Jace’s POV, available only at the back of City of Fallen Angels (newer editions)
  • Becoming Sebastian Verlac: a short story about Jonathan Morgenstern becoming Sebastian, available at the back of City of Lost Souls (newer editions) and on Cassie’s website
  • A Long Conversation: a short story about Simon and Izzy getting engaged, available at the back of Lady Midnight and in eBook form
  • A Lover that Never Tires: a short story about Jace and Clary getting engaged, only available at the back of Queen of Air and Darkness
  • Fairy Tale of London: a short story about Will and Tessa’s wedding day and night, available only at the back of Chain of Gold

Chain of Gold flash fiction extras:

Again, you don’t need to read any of these extras/snippets to understand the novels, they’re just a lot of fun!

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The Bane Chronicles


I’m starting off with the first short story collection, The Bane Chronicles. This collection is all about Magnus Bane, one of my favourite characters in the Shadowhunter universe, but unfortunately this is the slowest of the short stories.

There’s a bit of important information revealed in these stories, but it’s not necessary to read at all. If you’re a massive Magnus Bane fan, you might enjoy this collection, but I was quite bored, even as a massive Magnus fan.

That being said, there are some stories in this collection that I recommend reading.

Must read:

17334074This short story features some characters from Chain of Gold, which has just come out.

Magnus has never wanted to return to London, but he’s lured by an offer from Tatiana Blackthorn. Unfortunately, once he’s there he realises her plans for her young ward, Grace, are more sinister than he thought. At the same time, Magnus meets sixteen year old James Herondale, Will’s son.

Just for fun:

17334065The Course of True Love (and First Dates)

This short story is about Magnus and Alec’s first date. Again, there’s no important information revealed in this short story, but it is just so much fun! Alec and Magnus are so cute, and this story is genuinely funny. Magnus’ and Alec’s date is a night of hilarious mistakes, but ends so sweetly.

  Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.51.19 pm

Tales from Shadowhunter Academy



Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy follows Simon as he attends Shadowhunter Academy, an old Shadowhunter school that is opened again after the conclusion of City of Heavenly Fire.

Simon is training to become a Shadowhunter and trying to get his memory back at the same time. To do so, Simon has to survive Shadowhunter training, making new friends (and enemies), attend classes, and somehow survive Ascension which will either give him his memories back and allow him to become a Shadowhunter, or it will kill him.

Not all of these 10 stories are necessary, but quite a few provide glimpses for The Dark Artifices series (and even one about The Last Hours and potentially The Wicked Powers). And some stories focus on some old favourites from The Mortal Instruments. Even though you don’t have to read every story in this collection, they’re all a lot of fun and there’s no harm in reading them all. But if you don’t want to, here’s the ones you should at least:

Must read:

23380998The Lost Herondale (#2)

This short story is super important because the “lost Herondale” plays a very important role in The Dark Artifices. It also potentially relates to the future The Wicked Powers series, which will start coming out in 2022.

In this story, Simon learns about Tobias Herondale, who in the 1900s, abandoned his fellow Shadowhunters in battle and left them to die. He committed the worst crime a Shadowhunter could commit: desertion. As such, his life was forfeit but Tobias never returned so the Clave executed his wife in Tobias’ place. His wife, who was pregnant a the time. But did she give birth beforehand? Could there be another Herondale out there in the world?

24365190Nothing but Shadows (#4)

This short story is important because it focuses on James Herondale’s time at Shadowhunter Academy. In Chain of Gold, we find out that James, Matthew, Thomas and Alistair were expelled from the Academy, but we never find out why. Well, in this story we do!

Simon learns about half-warlock James Herondale as he discovers his demonic powers during the few months he spends at Shadowhunter Academy. This is a little prelude to The Last Hours.

23381007. sy475 Bitter of Tongue (#7)

This short story takes place before the beginning of The Dark Artifices series and is about Mark Blackthorn’s time with The Wild Hunt. If you’re a fan of Mark, you don’t want to miss this story. Plus, we get information into Sebastian and his plans with the faerie queen.

When Simon is kidnapped by the fey, he comes across Mark Blackthorn, a half-fey, half-Shadowhunter boy who, because of his fey heritage, is exiled after the faeries betrayed the Shadowhunters during Sebastian’s uprising. As Simon and Mark travel through the faerie world, he uncovers a rumour about a secret weapon Sebastian left the faerie queen…

Just for fun:

22428828Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy (#1)

I recommend this story because it’s the first in the collection and introduces you to the characters Simon will be interacting with for the entire collection. You also get to see a side of Simon we haven’t seen before. At the end of City of Heavenly Fire, Simon loses his memories, so here he’s completely unsure of himself. This story is for anyone who wants to know what happened to Simon after the conclusion of The Mortal Instruments.

23381009. sy475 The Fiery Trial (#8)

This short story is about Emma and Julian going through the parabatai ceremony, with Clary and Simon there too as they are planning on doing the ceremony as well.

This is both an important story but also not an important one? If that makes sense 😅. Basically,  it finally shows us what entails in the famous parabatai ceremony. It’s an important story that shows Emma and Julian’s relationship, but nothing really essential. So that’s why it’s in this category.

24967407Born to Endless Night (#9) — my third favourite short story

This is my second favourite story from the entire short story collections. It’s both hilarious and so beautiful, and it’s also set from Magnus’ POV!

Simon and the entire Academy is shocked when a navy-skinned warlock baby is found abandoned on the Academy steps. Thankfully, Magnus is there as a guest lecturer and he just so happens to have brought Alec there too. Magnus takes control of the situation, which soon gets away from him when Alec thinks they’re going to adopt the baby.

If you want to read about Magnus and Alec adopting baby Max, you NEED to read this story!

23381014. sx318 sy475 Angels Twice Descending (#10)

This is the final story in the Tales from Shadowhunter Academy collection, with Simon having to decide if he’s going to go through with the Ascension ceremony or not. Everything hinges on this: if he goes through with the ceremony and is successful, he becomes a Shadowhunter and he will get his memories back. But if he’s not successful, the ceremony will kill him.

I recommend reading this short story because it’s important for Simon’s journey, but it’s kind of useless unless you’ve read the other stories because there’s a character in this story that dies, and unless you have an emotional connection with them from reading all the other stories, you won’t care about their death/understand the importance.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.51.19 pm

Ghosts of the Shadow Market

36314220. sy475

If you have not read Clockwork Princess, do not read on.

Ghosts of the Shadow Market follows Jem from The Infernal Devices series as he travels through shadow markets in many different countries over many different years, both as himself and as Brother Zachariah.

A shadow market is a meeting place for faeries, werewolves, warlocks, vampires and all other Downworld creatures. Here, they sell magical objects and make deals they don’t want the Nephilim to know, and over the centuries, there’s been one frequent visitor to them: Jem, also known as the Silent Brother, Zachariah.

The first eight books are published as eBooks and the final two are only available in print form. This collection of stories is so much fun, but if you don’t want to read all of them and just want the most important ones, here’s they are:

Must read:

38615843. sx318 Cast Long Shadows (#2)

If you want to know what Matthew Fairchild’s secret is in Chain of Gold, then this is the story for you! The novel hints at Matthew’s secret a lot but never reveals it, but it’s actually already been revealed in this short story!

Matthew Fairchild is the Consul’s son and is a happy, cheeky boy who loves art and beauty. His parents adore him and he has a great best friend. But he keeps hearing a rumour about his family, one that he can’t stop thinking about. So he goes to the Shadow Market to find help …

Obviously this book is super important but if you don’t want to know Matthew’s secret and want to wait to find out in The Last Hours, don’t read it. But if you’re like me and you NEED to know, then definitely read it!

38507977. sx318 Through Blood, Through Fire (#8)

This short story is very important in the Shadowhunter universe because it’s once again about the lost Herondale!

Jem and Tessa are finally, after two centuries, together and have discovered a dangerous threat looming over a child of the Shadow Market: the Lost Herondale, the second-last Herondale alive in the world aside from Jace. Jem and Tessa are in a race against time to find this child and save them.


The next two stories are setting up for The Wicked Powers, the first book of which will be relating 2022. The series will follow Ty and Kit from The Dark Artifices and will officially conclude the Shadowhunter universe. 😭

I highly recommend you read both of these books, but if you don’t want to know anything about the upcoming series, then don’t read them. They reveal A LOT.

43307057. sx318 sy475 The Lost World (#9) – only available in print form

This short story is about Ty and his sister Livvy who is now a ghost, as Ty studies at the Sholomance. At the same time, Jem and Tessa prepare for the birth of their child.

This story is a great insight into what’s happening to Livvy: her powers as a ghost are growing dangerous and she seems to be negatively affecting Ty as well. Ty is also not okay because he misses Kit, and no one knows how to help him. Reading about Jem and Tessa having a child was so adorable! I cried buckets of tears. I highly recommend you read this book 😭.

Forever Fallen (#10) — only available in print form — my favourite short story

This short story is freaking incredible. I am in awe of it. If you want to know what’s going to happen in The Wicked Powers, then you need to read this!

The Jace Herondale from the alternate world Thule is now on Earth, along with Sebastian’s son Ash, whose powers are growing. Jace, now called Janus, begins to stalk his loved ones, all of whom are dead in Thule, and begins to plan to kill the Jace of this world and take his place. Meanwhile in the English countryside, Kit grows closer with Tessa and Jem who he’s starting to see as his new parents, and tries to forget Ty.

I am even more excited for The Wicked Powers than I was before! Reading about Janus broke my heart, and I loved seeing Kit being loved by Jem and Tessa, he deserves it.

Just fun:

39802942. sx318 Every Exquisite Thing (#3)

I really like this short story about Anna Lightwood. It’s set before Chain of Gold and you don’t really need to read it to understand the novel, but it’s still a fun story.

Anna Lightwood, the eldest child of Gabriel and Cecily, is a sweet daughter who wears dresses and bows in her hair. A far cry from the dapper Anna we all know and love. This is her origin story following Anna and Matthew exploring London together, while Anna meets Ariadne, the woman who becomes the love of her life.

39781163. sx318 A Deeper Love (#5)

This is a sad story, definitely not a fun one, but if you are a fan of Jem and Tessa, you’re really going to enjoy this one!

Tessa lost her husband Will only three years earlier, but World War II is raining destruction on the world so Tessa has to set aside her grief and help save lives. Tessa, along with her warlock friend Catarina, become nurses and make bargains at the shadow market to help mundanes. Meanwhile, Brother Zachariah struggles to see the woman he loves continue to risk her life.

41911299. sx318 The Land I Lost (#7) — my second favourite short story

In my opinion, this is the best short story from any collection. For those who don’t know, my favourite character from the Shadowhunter universe is Alec Lightwood and in this story my boy shines! If you want to read a story about Alec and Magnus adopting their second son, and the goddess that is Lily Chen, then this is for you.

Alec Lightwood has been called to Buenos Aires by Jem after the Downworlders there ask for his help. Bringing along Lily Chen, they’re not welcomed by the Shadowhunters there and seek help from the local Shadow Market. There, they find an orphaned Shadowhunter boy who confides a dark secret to them.

This story is so funny, so sweet, and so freaking romantic. I cried my eyes out reading about little Max loving his new brother. While it doesn’t reveal any important information relevant to the novels, this book is still so fantastic. I highly recommend it!

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.51.19 pm

Have you read any of these stories? Which is your favourite? Hopefully my guide is helpful for you!

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  1. Jay says:

    Will ash help Janus find his way in the world or let vengeance consume him? I thought this could be a build up to a ‘jilly’ (Janus and Lily) romance, seeing as they both lost their loves in their own world, but this may be a stretch. I agree that forever fallen is by far the best ss released in the Shadowhunters world either way


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