Oriluim: The Autumn Equinox Readathon

Hi all!

I’m very excited to return back to the world of Orilium in the Magical Readathon for the third time! I successfully completed both The Novice Path last year and the Spring Equinox in April this year. Now we return in the Autumn Equinox!


Just a reminder for my character and which guild they are part of, including other information.

  • Name: Morgan
  • Guild: House of the Archivists
  • Calling: Godseer
  • Certification: Assistant (130 points) 
  • Background: Urban
  • Province: Kerador
  • Heritage: Human
  • Conduit: Polearm
  • Guild’s Legacy: Kovas, the God of War

Guild: House of the Archivists

The Guild that I have joined is the Archivists. 

The Archivists are a guild of lore keeping. They are the guardians of knowledge, both lost and forgotten. They deal in Ancient magic, bestowed upon them by greater powers.

The Archivists select a deity they wish to make a pact with, and if successful, they act in their name henceforth. In turn they are able to channel their magic as their own. They nurture this bond and are able to call upon otherworldly aid in times of need. This can manifest as physical or magical gifts, summoned creatures, healing, or miracles. 

The ancient art of book keeping is one of their specialties; The Archivists are more likely to be granted access to the Great Libraries of Aeldia than any other guild, and are highly trusted with rare records. In Orilium, members gain access to the Temple Archive, an impressive sacred library, rumoured to have underground levels that reach the very crater of the Ammerlorite meteor.

Guild calling: Godseer

As a member of the House of the Archivists, we get to choose a career path (calling) to follow and the Archivists unique calling is that of the Godseer, which I have also selected. 

I already completed all the books for the Spring Equinox. For the Autumn Equinox, we have to read more.

As part of their magic enhancement, members of The Archivists make a pact with one of the Gods (also called the guild’s legacy). This allows them to syphon their energy, learn ancient powers, and beckon their protection. There are dozens of Temples across the lands that will also offer refuge, aid, brotherhood, and accommodation if it happens to be on your path. This is a lifetime commitment. 

Guild Legacy: Kovas, God of War

The God I have chosen to make a pact with is Kovas, the God of War. Learning and mastering all combat related spells and incantations is much easier for those bonded with this God. Physically, the patrons are also enhanced, making their bodies strong and resilient. None of the Gods are particularly known for being lenient, but of them all, Kovas is the most rigid. He requires absolute loyalty and rewards those who work with him closely. Patrons are gifted with an ability to rile a crowd, influence the weak of will, and encourage the undecided. The temples are constructed from the swords of the fallen patrons.

Syllabus (TBR) for the Autumn Equinox

Syllabus meaning:

O for Ordinary
Q for Qualified
D for Distinnguished

(In order to received a Q or a D, you need to read the books for the previous letter as well. For e.g. to receive a D in a subject, you also need to read a book for O and Q for that subject.)

O in Inscription:

O – Glyph: Recollection: A childhood favourite – The Neverending Story by Michael Ende completed

Q in Restoration:

O – Objection Restoration: A single object as focus on the cover – The Complete Poems by Emily Dickinson – completed

Q – Enchanted Scroll Mending: One of the oldest books on your TBR – The Princess Bride by William Goldman – completed

Q in Conjuration:

O – The Foundations of Necromancy: Books with necromancy themes – The Thousand Eyes by A.K. Larkwood

Q – Tales the Bones Tell: Bone on the cover or in the title

O in Demonology:

O – Imp Wrangling: Read a fantasy – Casket of Souls by Lynn Flewelling

D in Lore:

O – Aledia’s Regional Anthropology: A book with colours similar to your country’s flag – Husband Material by Alexis Hall – completed

Q – Myth of Syldoris: Story featuring a betrayal – Paper Girls Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughn – completed

D – Ancient Caves of Daerune: Desert setting – Fireheart Tiger by Aliette de Bodard – completed

I’m so excited to continue this readathon! Are you participating as well? Which Guild have you joined? What’s your calling? Let me know!


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