Book Showcase – Fairytale: The Novel by Hope Pennington

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Fairytale: The Novel
Hope Pennington

Genre: Fantasy, YA
Release Date: September 22, 2016

A teenage boy’s happy-go-lazy world is turned on it’s head when he’s yanked into an epic fairytale and shocked to discover that his ability to predict the cliche storyline is the only thing that can save their world from destruction!




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Watch Hope Pennington read Fairytale!!

hopepenningtonAbout the Author:

Hope Pennington is a homeschooled graduate living in Kerrville Texas, author of the young adult novel Fairytale and creator of The Epic Place YouTube channel where she encourages geeks, nerds and fan girls to always remember that #WeAreEpicHeroes every single day of our lives. Coffee is her spirit animal and if she had it her way she’d be living on the TARDIS from Doctor Who going on endless time travel adventures.

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I sighed, and got off the ground, stretching my back, then walked over to the horse to gently stoke it.  I realized I’d better take its saddle and bridle off, so  I tried to remember how Wrandyn had saddled and bridled my horse on my first day in Glensdore.  Frankly, I hadn’t been paying that much attention.
   After trying to do what I thought I’d seen, a few times, I wondered if I could just slide it off the horse’s back end and down it’s hind legs.
   Sufeen subtly edged her way towards me as I continued my job.
   “Treasure Seeker?” she said slowly.  I looked down at her eyes, and couldn’t tell what it was she might be about to say.  They were really serious…
   “I must confide in you Treasure Seeker that though Hansak has been a loyal, and noble guardian, there is something in you that draws me to your side.”  She laid an arm across the horse’s back, and I backed away an inch.
   “And as you both would long for my hand…” she smiled. “I could not disappoint the one with whom my heart truly lies…”
   “J-just wait a second!  Wait a second!”  I waved my hands through the air and shook my head with feeling. “Wait a second!  Wait a second!”
   She stood back, surprised.
   Giving my head a final shake I went on.  “One, why would you like me when I’m not romantic at all!  Two, if-if you two were characters in any storybook…”  I pointed to her, and the direction Hansak had disappeared.  “Which I’m not altogether sure you’re not, you-you would obviously get married in the end!”
   “Your rough manner and manly temperament do not daunt me!” she protested, stepping forward.  “I would love you if you starved me to the bones, and fed me to the fishes!”
   “Well one: you look like you’re already starved to the bones, two: why would I want to feed you to the fishes, when I could get a lot more money ransoming you to your father, three: I don’t think fishes eat people, sharks maybe…sometimes…but not fishes, and four: I don’t love you!”
   “I mean…ya know…I don’t want your hand or whatever you said…”
   “You…don’t?”  She seemed to find this hard to believe.
   “No!  I mean yes…I mean…which ever one means I don’t!”
   She blinked several times.  “But you rescued me from the tower…”
   “That’s because you were trapped!”  I facepalmed.  “What?  Do you think guys only rescue the girls they’re in love with.  Oh!  You’re about to be run over by a horse?”  I turned my back and examined my fingernails.  “Sorry ma’am, I’m not in love with you.”
   She still looked confused.  “Then…there is not going to be a love triangle?”
   “No!  No love triangle!”  Let’s get that settled here and now.  I pulled at the stirrup and it came undone.
   “You are quite sure…” she looked a bit disappointed.
   “Yes!  I’m sure!”
   She shrugged slightly.  “Parallelogram?”
   “No! No love shapes!  There will be no love complications whatsoever.  Zilch!”  I turned back to the saddle, then back to her.  “That means none.”

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Hope Pennington will be answering readers’ questions through a vlog on The Epic Place!

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