New books for Sarah J. Maas


Fans of Sarah J. Maas will be celebrating all over the world when they hear this news: Maas has recently announced that she is adding 8 more books to her series’ Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses.

That’s right, people. 8 MORE BOOKS.

Two of these books will feature in the Throne of Glass series, which will include a novella and a series guide. According to Bloomsbury, the guide, titled The World of Throne of Glass, will focus on the “world of Erilea, including an illustrated compendium of characters, settings, magic, gods, politics, creatures, and vocabulary, plus a timeline of events.” The novella will follow a story about Chaol Westfall, the Captain of the Guard in Throne of Glass.

The greatest surprise came with the addition of six more books in the A Court of Thorns and Roses world. We all know that Feyre’s story will cover a trilogy, so we are all left wondering just what Maas will write next in this series. The untitled third book is slated for release in 2017, and a colouring book will also hit stores next year. The other five books will be published beginning in 2018. There is speculation that the new books will follow secondary characters in the series. If that is the case, there will be much interest in who the main protagonist will be.

Let us venture a few guesses here. The new books could follow Azriel, Cassian and Mor and their interesting relationships. That would be a good book. The books could follow Nesta and Elain as they try to assimilate to their new bodies – Nesta is Fae, but something different too, and Elain must deal with her mate, Lucien. That would be a great book. Or, the books could show us the history of Prythian with the human/fae war with Jurian, Amarantha, her sister and Tamlin and Rhys’ fathers. That would be an even better book! Essentially, there a tons of possibilities for Maas to expand on this universe. I only hope that we will see a bit of Feyre and Rhys in the extended books.

Thank you, Sarah!

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