April Wrap Up: The Month of #UnsolvedAThon

Hi all! Ummmmm ... April is over? How? When did this happen? My April-long readathon, #UnsolvedAThon (based on Buzzfeed Unsolved) is also over and I'm so thankful to all the lovely people who participated and who sent me encouragement. You're all amazing people and I'm so humbled and blessed to be part of a wonderful … Continue reading April Wrap Up: The Month of #UnsolvedAThon

#UnsolvedAThon Postmortem

Hi all! Wow, April is over which means that #UnsolvedAThon is over too! I can't believe the response to my readathon -- you've all been amazing and so supportive. Thank you dearly to everyone who participated and/or who encouraged me. You're all wonderful 💕. Let's see how I went: I read every book for Ryan's … Continue reading #UnsolvedAThon Postmortem