#UnsolvedAThon Postmortem

Hi all! Wow, April is over which means that #UnsolvedAThon is over too! I can't believe the response to my readathon -- you've all been amazing and so supportive. Thank you dearly to everyone who participated and/or who encouraged me. You're all wonderful 💕. Let's see how I went: I read every book for Ryan's … Continue reading #UnsolvedAThon Postmortem

#UnsolvedAThon Book Recommendations!

Hi all!! I'm hoping you're all as excited about my Buzzfeed Unsolved inspired readathon as I am! Check out the announcement post here! If you're a little nervous about choosing books to read for the challenges -- as there are some tricky challenges -- never fear! I have a list of recommended reads for you … Continue reading #UnsolvedAThon Book Recommendations!