Spooky Season TBR

Hi all! It's my favourite time of the year: Spooky Season! It's hard to be someone who loves Halloween and Fall when you're an Australian because no one celebrates it down here. Bu that's never stopped me before! Last year, I wrote about about how to celebrate Spooky Season as an Aussie, which you can … Continue reading Spooky Season TBR

September Wrap Up: The Month of Binge-Watching

Hi all! Hope you're doing well during these difficult times! Wow ... September is over and it's already October, a.k.a Spooky Season? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I swear, it's still April! Anyway, this month I didn't do much aside from work (I work full-time now) and binge watch South Park (someone stop me, lmao). What … Continue reading September Wrap Up: The Month of Binge-Watching