August Wrap Up: The Month of X-Men

Hi all! Well, August really slipped away like a moment in time, didn't it? I genuinely can't believe it is September already, aka Magpie Season in Australia. There's only four months left in the year and I don't know how to process that information. Anyway... this month I read very little but watched way too … Continue reading August Wrap Up: The Month of X-Men

Marvel-A-Thon Sign Up and TBR!

Hi all!! The very lovely Jamieson @jamishelves has recently announced her new and amazing read-a-thon called the Marvel-A-Thon: a month long reading challenge based upon the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Umm... hell yeah!! I obviously had to join, being a massive Marvel fan. Also, I have been looking for a read-a-thon to join for ages now, so shout … Continue reading Marvel-A-Thon Sign Up and TBR!