The ABC Book Challenge | “R”

Hi all! It’s time for another post in the ABC Book Challenge series, one coming out each week for 26 weeks! I originally saw this post over on Jacquie @ Rattle the Stars‘ blog — please go check out Jacquie’s incredible blog!   MEMORABLE TITLES THAT START WITH “R” I adored Radio Silence. It's a powerful novel about … Continue reading The ABC Book Challenge | “R”

Books I was OBSESSED with in High School

Hi all! The other day, I reread a book I was OBSESSED with in high school and it brought up a lot of nostalgic feelings and I started reminiscing ... and this is basically a long-winded way of me telling you that I'm *this* close to rereading like 10 books. So I thought I should … Continue reading Books I was OBSESSED with in High School