The ABC Book Challenge | “W”

Hi all! It’s time for another post in the ABC Book Challenge series, one coming out each week for 26 weeks! I originally saw this post over on Jacquie @ Rattle the Stars‘ blog — please go check out Jacquie’s incredible blog! MEMORABLE TITLES THAT START WITH “W” What Happened is Hillary Clinton's version of what exactly happened during … Continue reading The ABC Book Challenge | “W”

My End of Uni (forever) TBR!

Yes, the day has finally come. I HAVE FINISHED UNI ... FOREVER! Well, until I decide to go back in a few years for my PhD. But, whatever, my Masters is over and I don't even care about my marks at this point (thats a lie, I care very much) and I'm so beyond happy to be … Continue reading My End of Uni (forever) TBR!