September Wrap-Up: The Month of Procrastination

Hi all! Wow, September is over! This year is flying by, which both scares the crap out of me because I'll be graduating soon, and excites me because I'll be in America soon. This month, I really procrastinated the crap out of everything: uni assignments were ignored and then frantically written the night before; I basically pretended … Continue reading September Wrap-Up: The Month of Procrastination

The ABC Book Challenge | “K”

Hi all! It’s time for another post in the ABC Book Challenge series, one coming out each week for 26 weeks! I originally saw this post over on Jacquie @ Rattle the Stars‘ blog — please go check out Jacquie’s incredible blog! MEMORABLE TITLES THAT START WITH “K” If you guys didn't immediately guess that Kings Rising is a … Continue reading The ABC Book Challenge | “K”