Book Recommendations Based on Zodiac Signs!

Hi all! Today I'm bringing you a really exciting blog post that I worked super hard on, researching a whole bunch because I'm Extra: book recommendations based on your zodiac sign! Yes, all 12! Because I'm That Extra! If you're not someone who believes in astrology, never fear! You can still enjoy these book recommendations, … Continue reading Book Recommendations Based on Zodiac Signs!

#BookStanAThon TBR!

Hi all! I recently discovered the #StanAThon on Twitter just yesterday and I immediately had to sign up for it! The readathon is based on Stan Twitter and the phrases/vines that we quote a lot. And since I am a massive vine follower, y'all know I had to sign up asap! The readathon is hosted … Continue reading #BookStanAThon TBR!