Birthday Special: My Favourite Characters Ever

Hi all! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! Yep, I'm the big 25, a quarter of my life is gone, I'm halfway to 50 -- what ever other idioms you want to say. Get them out of your system now. So for my birthday, I wanted to do something special on my blog! And since I've already … Continue reading Birthday Special: My Favourite Characters Ever

The Finally Fall Book Tag

Hi all! You may be wondering what an Australian is doing completing the Fall Book Tag, because it's not Fall in Australia, it's Spring! Well, that's because ... Today I'm off to America!!! 🙌🏼 ✈️ 🇺🇸 My sister and I very spontaneously planned this trip back in August, as a graduation present to ourselves because we're both … Continue reading The Finally Fall Book Tag