September Wrap Up: The Month of Binge-Watching

Hi all! Hope you're doing well during these difficult times! Wow ... September is over and it's already October, a.k.a Spooky Season? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I swear, it's still April! Anyway, this month I didn't do much aside from work (I work full-time now) and binge watch South Park (someone stop me, lmao). What … Continue reading September Wrap Up: The Month of Binge-Watching

Lockdown Book Haul

Hi all! In Melbourne, Australia, we've now been in lockdown since April. April and May was a hard lockdown, with a brief reprieve in June and half of July, and then back to a hard lockdown for August and September. We're actually in stage 4 of lockdown right now, which means everyone has to be … Continue reading Lockdown Book Haul