#Marvel-A-Thon Wrap Up!

Marvel-A-Thon is over and I had the greatest time participating in this readathon! A million thanks to Jami @ Jami Shelves who created and hosted the readathon! I'm really hoping this becomes like an annual event or something! So let's see how well I did! (Spoiler alert: not very.) Phase One Iron Man: Read the first … Continue reading #Marvel-A-Thon Wrap Up!


June Wrap-up: The Month of Rest

Hi all! June was the month I officially returned to active blogging after my two-month long hiatus! I'm so so so happy to be back and I've missed you all so much!! This June, I finished my second last semester of uni and got to relax and just read and watch tv. I FINALLY finished … Continue reading June Wrap-up: The Month of Rest