2022 Reading Goals and Challenges

Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well! It's now December -- somehow! -- and that means it's time to start preparing next year's reading goals and TBR. Maybe not for normal people, but for someone as pedantic and organised as me, I love preparing early 😅 Let's get into it! Goals Read at least 50 … Continue reading 2022 Reading Goals and Challenges

GoodReadance 2021: Goodreads Spring Cleaning

Hi all! So it's officially spring! The flowers are blooming, my hayfever is acting up, and the magpies are out and swooping and trying to claw out your eyes. Just another lovely spring season in Australia. Spring is also a good time to clean and the perfect time to clean out those Goodreads shelves. Thankfully, … Continue reading GoodReadance 2021: Goodreads Spring Cleaning

Blogmas #14: PopSugar Reading Challenge Wrap Up – all prompts finished!

Hi all! It's Blogmas day 14 and I'm still on a roll! Today, I'm bringing you my wrap up of the PopSugar Reading Challenge for 2020 -- which I actually finished 🎈 🥳 🎉 This is the first time I've ever finished the PopSugar Challenge and I'm so damn excited! Be proud of me please … Continue reading Blogmas #14: PopSugar Reading Challenge Wrap Up – all prompts finished!