Clear Ur Shit Readathon – Sign Up and TBR

Hi all! I decided this year I'm going to be joining the Clear Ur Shit readathon. I have tentatively made plans to do this readathon before but always gave up not long after it started. However, I recently finished my Classics Club challenge and the 2022 PopSugar Reading Challenge and I am bereft. I have … Continue reading Clear Ur Shit Readathon – Sign Up and TBR

Oriluim: The Autumn Equinox Readathon

Hi all! I’m very excited to return back to the world of Orilium in the Magical Readathon for the third time! I successfully completed both The Novice Path last year and the Spring Equinox in April this year. Now we return in the Autumn Equinox! Character: Just a reminder for my character and which guild they are … Continue reading Oriluim: The Autumn Equinox Readathon