22 Books I Want to Read in 2022

Hi all !

As its 2022 in only a few days, I thought it might be a good idea to share some books that I’m hoping to read next year!

I’ve never had much luck sticking to TBRs, so here’s hoping that it might work out for me next year 😭

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  • The Charioteer: A young man recovers from WWII in a hospital and he falls in love with another patient
  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind: A history of how humankind, from the very first humans, all the way to the recent scientific and technological revolutions
  • My Policeman: A woman discovers her husband has been in a secret affair with a man for years, and learns to share him
  • Summer Sons: A young man’s best friend commits suicide and then returns as a ghost to haunt him
  • These Violent Delights: Two young men become obsessed with each other while studying at university
  • Oaths of Legacy: The second book in The Bloodright Trilogy where two best friends turned lovers turned enemies fight on opposite sides of a galactic war
  • The Communist Manifesto: The original socialist worldview created by Marx and Engels
  • Norwegian Wood: A young university student and his girlfriend draw apart after the death of their friend
  • The Nichan Smile: Two boys on opposite sides of a magical war are drawn together, and over the years and wars, they begin to fall in love
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell: Norrell, a powerful magician working for the British government, accepts a young man named Strange as his pupil, but the two soon become rivals as Strange is drawn to dangerous magic and the mythical creature known as the Raven King
  • Men We Reaped: A memoir about a woman losing five men in her life in five years, from suicide and drugs to the violence that society inflicts upon Black men
  • Convenience Store Woman: About a 36 year old woman who works in a Korean store, and has for years, learning to deal with her family’s disappointment about her job
  • Parable of the Sower: After her family is killed, a young woman with hyper empathy has to navigate a world thats descending into chaos
  • The Two Towers: The second book in The Lord of the Rings, continuing Frodo’s journey to destroying the One Ring
  • Perfume: A man born with a powerful sense of smell descends into madness and murder in an attempt to create the ultimate perfume
  • The Boy from the Mish: During summer holidays, two Aboriginal boys develop a close friendship that develops into romance
  • The Bell Jar: A woman goes through an intense psychological breakdown
  • Eros the Bittersweet: An exploration of the concept of ‘eros’ through literature and mythology
  • Girls of Fate and Fury: The final book in the Girls of Paper and Fire series, concluding Lei and Wren’s story
  • The Charm Offensive: A producer and the star of a reality TV show fall in love
  • Delilah Green Doesn’t Care: A woman returns to her childhood home and town to plan a wedding, and is caught up in hijinks along with the stuck-up friend of her stepsister
  • Babel: A young man trains to be accepted into Oxford’s prestigious Institute of Translation and finds himself caught between the pursuit of knowledge and betraying his home country when Britain pursues an unjust war with China
Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.51.19 pm

What books are you planning on reading in 2022? Let me know!

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