Best Audiobooks I’ve Listened To

Hi all!

Hope 2021 is treating everyone well! Today, I’m bringing you my favourite audiobooks!

Last year, audiobooks really got me through the year and helped me achieve my reading goals too. So I thought I’d share some of my favourite audiobooks so you can listen too!

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Frankenstein — narrated by Dan Stevens

Frankenstein cover art

If you want to read classics but — like me — can get get into them sometimes, you should definitely give classic audiobooks a try! I’d start with Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, which is narrated by actor Dan Stevens! Stevens has such a beautiful, strong voice and he brings this atmospheric gothic novel to life. It’s also very easy to differentiate between all of his voices for the characters. Highly recommend!

The Fifth Season — narrated by Robin Miles

The Fifth Season cover art

I’ve listened to quite a few books narrated by Robin Miles, and she is definitely one of the best narrators out there. The Fifth Season is incredible as an audiobook and Miles makes it so very easy to understand this complex scifi worldbuilding with her great narrating.

Other great audiobooks narrated by Robin Miles: The Obelisk Gate, The Stone Sky, The City We Became and Binti.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark — narrated by Gabra Zackman with an introduction by Gillian Flynn and afterword by Patton Oswalt

I'll Be Gone in the Dark cover art

This is such a fantastic non-fiction true crime audiobook, and one I want to re-listen to as soon as possible. What’s incredibly sad is that the author, Michelle McNamara, actually passed away before she could finish the novel and so her assistants pieced together the ending from her notes. Hence, the afterword by her husband, Patton Oswalt. And Gabra Zackman really brings this tale to life, you can feel McNamara’s obsession with the Golden State Killer.

The Mercies — narrated by Jessie Buckley

The Mercies cover art

I adore this atmospheric historical novel — feels almost gothic, but it’s not — and Jessie Buckley really brings it alive. It’s a very slow book about the friendship between two women, and at every stage you’re so invested in what’s going on in their lives. So beautiful.

The Soldier’s Scoundrel — narrated by Gary Furlong

The Soldier's Scoundrel cover art

This book makes me so happy — it’s romantic, full of angst but so damn sweet, and very funny. And Gary Furlong is AMAZING! He is literally my favourite audiobook narrator, because his voices for the two main characters, Oliver and Jack, are phenomenal — honestly, it sounds like two different people speaking, that’s how good he is!

The Poppy War — narrated by Emily Woo Zeller

The Poppy War cover art

The Poppy War is such a difficult book to read because the content is so dark and intense. Listening to it on audiobook was a bit easier, but in some ways just as difficult — and Emily Woo Zeller is the perfect narrator for this. If you’ve had difficulty reading the physical copy, I definitely recommend the audio!

The Lightning-Struck Heart — narrated by Michael Lesley

The Lightning-Struck Heart cover art

This is one of my favourite audiobooks in this list because it’s so damn funny! The humour is definitely not for everyone but if you’re not easily offended by crude humour, then this is a book before you. And Michael Lesley is amazing! His voices are superb, and I especially love his voice for Ryan, the main character’s love interest.

Boyfriend Material — narrated by Joe Jameson

Boyfriend Material cover art

Oh, this book! If you want to have a big smile on your face, then listen to the Boyfriend Material audiobook. Joe Jameson does such a fantastic job of bringing these characters to life and I especially love his voice for Oliver, the main character’s love interest. I get chills listening to his voice!

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What are your favourite audiobooks? Let me know!

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