F/F Books on my TBR

Hi all!

A few weeks ago, I shared 50 of my favourite F/F books. This week, I decided to share the F/F books I have on my TBR that I’m excited to read.

Hopefully, this list inspires me to get to reading these books, and hopefully it helps you find a new favourite as well.

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  • The Luminous Dead: Gyre lies her way into a job as a caver on an expedition to map mineral deposits, but her new co-worker is dangerous and knows Gyre’s secrets and isn’t afraid to use them to control her. As they descend further underground, Gyre starts to lose her mind.
  • Sisters of the Vast Black: The sisters of the Order of Saint Rita are on a mission into outer space on a living, breathing AI ship. But they receive a distress signal from a newly-formed colony and soon discover that the entire galaxy is in danger.
  • Miranda in Milan: Miranda was supposed to travel to Naples to marry the king, but instead she finds herself in Milan, in her father’s horrible castle. With only Dorothea as her companion, Miranda has to find the truth behind the rumours about dark arts and the truth about what happened to her mother.
  • A Lake of Feathers & Moonbeams: Katya’s partner Ivan, a powerful sorcerer, has always given her everything she wanted. But then Ivan captures Princess Yi Zhen and makes Katya watch over her, leading to Katya entering a web of political intrigues while falling for the princess. A Swan Lake retelling.
  • We Set the Dark on Fire: At the Medio School for Girls, noblewomen are trained for two roles: to run a husband’s household or to raise his children. Daniela is the school’s top student but her parents faked her identification papers to raise her station. Then on her graduation night, she’s asked to spy for the resistance group trying to bring equality back to Medio.
  • Tell Me How You Really Feel: Sana is a cheerleader and an overachieving straight A student. Rachel is a wannabe director who’s obsessed with making movies and she’s found her new lead: Sana. Too bad Rachel hates her.
  • Starworld: Sam and Zoe both want to escape reality. Sam has to walk on eggshells at home as her mother has OCD, while Zoe’s adoptive mother is ill and her disabled brother is being sent away. The two girls forge a connection through texts that expands into a private universe they call Starworld.
  • The Traitor Baru Cormorant: The Empire of Masks is coming and they’re going to conquer Baru’s island. But Baru is patient: she’s going to swallow her hate and join the Masquerade, and then take them down from the inside. In a test of loyalty, the Masquerade sends Baru to Aurdwynn, a land of rebels, that kills anyone who tries to rule it. To survive, Baru has to untangle a web of treachery and stop herself from falling for the Duchess Tain Hu.
  • Missing, Presumed Dead: Lexi can sense when and how someone will die with just a touch. One day, she foresees the violent death of Jane — but Jane’s ghost remains behind, determined to hunt down her murderer and needs Lexi’s help.
  • Foundryside: Sancia is a thief who’s been sent to steal an artefact that could revolutionise magical technology. The Merchant Houses control the magic and if they unlock the artefact’s secrets, they will become even more powerful. Now someone in the Houses wants Sancia dead and the artefact for themselves.
  • The Dark Wife: When Persephone meets Hades, she discovers something she’s never had before: choice. Zeus calls Hades a ‘lord’ but the truth is Hades is the goddess of the underworld and now friend to Persephone’s father. When Hades offered Persephone sanctuary, she accepts to escape her Olympian destiny.
  • The Midnight Lie: Nirrim lives in a crime-filled city where people of her low status are forbidden from many things. Nirrim keeps her head down but then she meets Sid, a traveler who inspires Nirrim to seek magic. But to do that, Nirrim has to give up her old life and place her trust in a complete stranger.
  • The Stars and the Blackness Between Them: Audre is being sent to live in America with her father because her strict, religious mother caught her with her secret girlfriend. In Minneapolis, Mabel tries to figure out why she feels so sick all the time when she meets Audre. Mabel falls hard for the other girl and helps her navigate American high school. But their romance is cut short when Mabel discovers why she’s been feeling so sick lately.
  • After the Eclipse: Sixteen years ago, a little girl was abducted during a solar eclipse while her sister, Cassie, was supposed to be watching her. Years later, another girl goes missing just before an eclipse, Cassie is sure its related to her sister and sets out to prove it.
  • And Shall Machines Surrender: In Shenzhen, AI rule and humans live in luxury, vying to be host bodies for the next generation of AI and thus to be worshiped as gods. Doctor Orfea has come to Shenzhen to escape her past, and Krissana has come to reinvent herself from a spy to a goddess. But the utopian peace is broken when hosts start committing suicide and both women are called upon to solve the mystery.
  • Girl, Serpent, Thorn: Soraya is a princess who is hidden away because she is poisonous to the touch. On the day of her twin brother’s wedding, she has to make a choice to free herself: to free the demon in the dungeon who holds the knowledge she needs, or to be with the one man who isn’t afraid of her or her poison.
  • The Space Between Worlds: Multiverse travel is possible but you can’t visit a world where your counterpart is alive. Cara has parallel selves that are good at dying — in 372 worlds, in fact. But on Earth, Cara has survived and is identified as a perfect candidate for multiverse travel. Now Cara collects data for her new job, along with her handler, Dell, who she flirts with. But then one of Cara’s eight remaining counterparts dies under mysterious circumstances and Cara discovers a plot that endangers the entire multiverse.
  • The True Queen: When sisters Muna and Sakti wake up on a beach, they can’t remember anything — they’ve been cursed by an enchanter and Sakti is slowly fading away. The only way to save her is to go to Britain where the Sorceress Royal trains women in magic. If Muna is to save her sister, she has to navigate high society and trick English magicians into believing she’s a magical prodigy.
  • The Never Tiltling World: Generations of twin goddesses have ruled Aeon for centuries. But 17 years ago, one sister betrayed the other, breaking the ancient prophecy and splitting their world into two. The planet stopped spinning, with one part of the planet cloaked in night and the other in sun. Two young goddesses feel the call from shadowy figures and set out on seperate journeys to the wasteland and to each other.
  • The Afterward: Apprentice Knight Kalanthe enjoys the notoriety she has earned, but needs to pay the bills. She is soon forced to betray her kingdom and her own heart as she seeks a stable future for herself. Olsa is a beggar and thief, who somehow finds herself drawn to Kalanthe and has no intention of leaving.
  • The Rise of Kyoshi: Kyoshi was the longest-living Avatar: she established the Kyoshi Warriors but also the Dai Li, which lead to the destruction of her own kingdom. But before she was the Avatar, she was a girl of humble origins to a pursuer of justice.
  • The Queen of Ieflaria: Princess Esofi and Prince Albion have been betrothed since they were children. At 17, Esofi travels to Ieflaria for her wedding but instead receives condolences on the death of her would-be husband. But Ieflaria needs Esofi’s help in battling dragons, so a wedding needs to take place, this time between Esofi and Albion’s sister, Adale. But Adale doesn’t care about ruling or battling dragons.
  • Ascension: Alana is the best sky surgeon by repairing starships doesn’t pay the bills. So Alana stows away on a cargo vessel hoping her boldness will earn her a place. But the crew is not what she expected: the engineer thinks he’s a wold, the pilot fades in and out of existence, and Alan his falling for the captain.
  • The Impossible Contract: Thana has a chance to prove herself when she accepts an assassin contract on Heru, a foreign diplomat who can bind people’s souls. Heru is soon targeted by a rival sorcerer who sends the undead to pursue them across the Empire.
  • Weak Heart: There’s something wrong with the Scottish Isle of Mab: sulkies are coming up from the ocean, magic is shifting, and people’s memories are disappearing. Five teenagers are the only key to finding out what’s going on. (Not just f/f in this book.)
  • Passing Strange: In 1940, San Francisco, six women find their lives entangled in a city full of mystery, science and art.
  • The Animals at Lockwood Manor: Hetty is tasked with safekeeping the natural history museums collection of mammals, and she brings those exhibits to Lockwood Manor where she and they remain during WWII. Soon, some of the animals begin to go missing and Hetty starts to suspect something is stalking her, while she begins falling for Lucy, Lord Lockwood’s haunted daughter.
  • Read Me Like a Book: Ashleigh is in love and it’s distracting her: she can’t focus at college and she doesn’t concern herself about her parents’ marriage troubles. But shouldn’t it be her boyfriend she’s in love with, instead of her teacher?
  • Nightwood: In the 1930s, a woman leaves her husband for another woman and goes on a journey of self-discovery.
  • Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe: In the 1980s, Mars. Threagoode tells her life story to Evelyn, a woman in the slump of middle age. She tells the story of two women in the 30s who ran a barbecue and coffee shop.
  • Compass Rose: Rose was born facing north and has an internal perception of cardinal points. Her sense of direction earns her a place on an elite fleet, captained by a bloodthirsty mercenary named Miranda. On board, Rose soon leans that trusting the wrong person can get you killed and the crew has no intention of making it easy for her, especially the captain’s first mate, Orca.
  • The Story of Lizzy and Darcy: When Lizzie first meets Darcy, there’s an instant dislike between both women. They try to avoid each other but their paths keep crossing and they start to see a different side to each other, but their tentative friendship is soon tested.
  • Everything Leads to You: Emi is a film buff working on a real movie set. A mysterious letter from an old Hollywood movie star leads Emi to Ava, who upends Emi’s life and romance.
  • The Warrior’s Path: Tamras arrives in Merin’s house to begin her apprenticeship as a warrior, but her small stature makes Merin doubt she can be a competent swordswoman. So Merin assigns Tamras to the position of companion to a stranger that showed up a winter earlier.
  • The Circle: Minoo is drawn by an invisible force to an abandoned theme park outside of town. Five of her classmates are drawn too. A mystical being takes over one of the girls’ bodies and tells them they are fated to fight an ancient evil that is hunting them. Soon each girl discovers she has a unique magical power and soon realise they are the Chosen Ones.
  • Soft on Soft: June is a makeup artist with anxiety who realises she wants more in life; specifically, she wants Selena, a model/actress who quietens June’s anxiety.
  • Red Sister: At the Concert of Sweet Mercy, young girls are raised to be killers. But the mistresses of the convent have no idea what problems they’ve wrought when Nona Grey is brought to the convent as a child of eight, accused of murder.
  • Far From You: Sophie has been drug free for nine months. Four months ago her best friend, Mina, died in what everyone thinks was a drug deal gone wrong and they think Sophie set her up. But Sophie knows the truth: Mina had been murdered. Finally out of rehab, Sophie begins to track down the killer.
  • The Paying Guests: In 1922, life is about to be transformed for Mrs Wray and her spinster daughter, Frances, as they are obliged to take in lodgers. When Lilian and Leonard move in, the routines of the home are shaken up in unexpected and disturbing ways.
  • A Memory Called Empire: Ambassador Mahit Dzmare arrives at the centre of the Teixcalaanli Empire to discover her predecessor has died. Rumours abound that the death wasn’t an accident and that Mahit might be next, during a time of political instability.
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Have you read any of these books? Which F/F books are on your TBR? Let me know!

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16 thoughts on “F/F Books on my TBR

  1. littlebookynook says:

    Omg I just realised I have The True Queen by Zen Cho sitting on my bookshelf, and I had NO IDEA it is f/f!!!! I have so many of these books in my tbr, I NEED MORE TIME TO READ. Omg I hope you love Red Sister when you get around to reading it!! Great post my lovely xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Margaret @ Weird Zeal says:

    Oooh so many books on this list that I also want to read, like Foundryside, The Stars and the Blackness Between Them, and The Animals of Lockwood Manor! I also loved Everything Leads to You and Tell Me How You Really Feel 😀 Good luck with all of these, I hope you enjoy them!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Queerly Asexual says:

    Now is a great time to read We Set the Dark on Fire cuz it’s all about rebelling from system and like how powerful control resources and story. It’s so good!! Honestly, so many books on your TBR are so good and/or sound so good!!


  4. Rach @ Anxious Nachos says:

    So many amazing books!! I highly recommend The Luminous Dead, A Memory Called Empire, Missing, Presumed Dead, The Animals at Lockwood Manor, and Girl, Serpent, Thorn!

    I have so many of these on my TBR as well but a few on my more immediate TBR are The Stars and the Blackness Between Them, The Space Between Worlds and K.A Doore’s trilogy.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Azia says:

    Ah I love Red Sister! So happy to see you’ve included it on here! Sadly, I haven’t read most of these, so I guess my TBR is gonna expand QUITE a bit haha. Wonderful list! These all look so good 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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