Pride Month TBR

Hi all!

It’s Pride Month and there’s a lot of queer books I plan to read this month. I generally read mainly queer books anyway, but the books on my TBR for June are ones I’ve been meaning to read for ages 😅.

Obviously this is a very ambitious TBR and I’m sure I’m not going to be able to read every book, but I’m definitely going to try!

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  • The Perfect Assassin: Amastan is a new assassin to the Basbowen family. When high members of the city start showing up dead, Amastan is ordered to solve them before the Basbowen family is blamed. Rep: m/m relationship, asexual MC
  • Shadows Return (Nightrunner, #4): Seregil and Alec are living a quiet life after the disaster that was their journey to Aurenen a year earlier. But they’re soon called by their queen to return to Aurenen and bring home her sister, the princess. But on the way, the men are kidnapped by slavers and Alec’s new master wants his blood. Rep: m/m relationship, gay MC, bisexual MC
  • Soft On Soft: June is a makeup artist with anxiety who realises she wants more in life; specifically, she wants Selena, a model/actress who quietens June’s anxiety. Rep: f/f relationship, pansexual and Aran-Persian, demisexual and Black, fat rep, anxiety
  • The Animals at Lockwood Manor: Hetty is tasked with safekeeping the natural history museums collection of mammals, and she brings those exhibits to Lockwood Manor where she and they remain during WWII. Soon, some of the animals begin to go missing and Hetty starts to suspect something is stalking her, while she begins falling for Lucy, Lord Lockwood’s haunted daughter. Rep: f/f relationship, lesbian MCs, anxiety/PTSD
  • The Scum Villains Self-Saving System: A modern millennial finds himself stuck in the body of a villain in a stallion novel and accidentally turns it into a BL novel. Rep: m/m relationship, all Chinese cast
  • What Did You Eat Yesterday?: After long work days, a middle-aged gay couple in Tokyo enjoy their time together at the dinner table, talking and eating home cooked meals. Rep: m/m relationship, gay couple, Japanese cast
  • Los Nefilim: In 1931, Diago, a being of daimonic and angelic descent, is forced into the ranks of the Los Nefilim in order to protect his newly-found son as an angelic war brews among the realms. Diago focuses on protecting his lover Miquel and their young son Rafael. Rep: m/m relationship, gay MC, bi LI, Spanish cast
  • The Luminous Dead: Gyre lies her way into a job as a caver on an expedition to map mineral deposits, but her new co-worker is dangerous and knows Gyre’s secrets and isn’t afraid to use them to control her. As they descend further underground, Gyre starts to lose her mind. Rep: sapphic main characters
  • The Remaking of Corbin Wale: Alex’s entire life falls apart and he’s back in his home-town in Michigan, opening the bakery he’s always wanted to — and he’s happy. Corbin, on the other hand, thinks he’s a weirdo but he’s drawn to Alex even though he knows they can never be together. Rep: m/m relationship, gay autistic MC, gay Jewish MC
  • King and the Dragonflies: Twelve-year-old Kingston believes his brother has turned into a dragonfly after his brother passes away. King struggles with grief and acceptance and more than anything wants to speak to his best friend Sandy about it, but his brother told him to end their friendship after Sandy thinks he might be gay. But soon King and Sandy’s friendship is reignited after King promises to help Sandy escape from his abusive father and the boys go on an adventure seeking dragonflies. Rep: Black gay MC, gay side character, Black side characters
  • Meet Cute Club: Jordan doesn’t need a man, he just wants his favourite author to release a new romance novel so more people can sign up for his book club. When his new employee Rex joins the romance club, Jordan is suspicious because the man doesn’t like romance books, but soon they’re teaming up to save the club. Rep: Black gay MC
  • The Scottish Boy: In 1333, 19 year old Sir Harry jumps at the chance to prove himself when an English baron invites him on a secret mission with his knights. On the way, they capture a feral, half-starved boy named Iain who, as Harry starts to suspect, is hiding something. Iain soon becomes Harry’s squire and the two men begin to fall for each other. Rep: bi MCs
  • Sisters of the Vast Black: The sisters of the Order of Saint Rita are on a mission into outer space on a living, breathing AI ship. But they receive a distress signal from a newly-formed colony and soon discover that the entire galaxy is in danger. Rep: sapphic MC
  • Boys of Alabama: New to the South, Max is taken in by the football team, learns more than he expected and feels accepted for the first time in his life. Then he meets Pan, the school “witch” and Max suddenly feels seen. The two boys embark on a relationship while Max tells Pan about his magic powers and Pan tells Max about poison. Rep: mlm characters
  • The Midnight Lie: Nirrim lives in a crime-filled city where people of her low status are forbidden from many things. Nirrim keeps her head down but then she meets Sid, a traveler who inspires Nirrim to seek magic. But to do that, Nirrim has to give up her old life and place her trust in a complete stranger. Rep: lesbian MCs
Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.51.19 pm

What books are you reading for Pride Month? Have you read any of the books on my TBR? Let me know!

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