Recent Favourites: Some Things I’ve Been Enjoying Lately

Hi all!

Today I wanted to talk about some non-bookish things I’ve really been enjoying lately! I spend so much time talking about books — of course, this is a book blog after all — but I thought it’s also a good idea to discuss my other obsessions …

Let me know if you like any of these too!

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.51.19 pm

1. The Untamed (Netflix)


If you haven’t been watching The Untamed then remedy that mistake right now. This show is EVERYTHING and I adore it. The show is based on a Chinese web novel by MoXiang TongXiu. The book also has a anime adaption, manga adaption and audio drama adaption. It’s clearly a very popular book (I just finished reading it — all 1000 pages of it!) and I’m currently obsessed with the live action.

The actors, Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, who play the main characters, Wei WuXian and Lan Wangji, are phenomenal — they work so well together. Although the book is queer, the show is not due to Chinese censorship, but even so, Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo play the characters as clearly in love with each other. And the show itself tries to make it clear WWX and LWJ are together, even though it’s never explicitly stated.



The Untamed follows Wei WuXian, the grandmaster of demonic cultivation, who was killed in battle for his decision to cultivate the dark path. Sixteen years later, he’s resurrected and goes on a journey with an old (sort of) friend. But at about episode three, there’s a flashback that lasts until episode 34 that shows how Wei WuXian turned to the dark side in the first place. There’s also a whole cast of amazing characters, fantastic character development, amazing found families, and the cutest little Ghost General!

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 2.09.00 pm

The very scary Ghost General

You can watch The Untamed on Netflix, on Youtube, or on the WeTV app.

2. Wooden Overcoats podcastwooden-overcoats-1

Wooden Overcoats is probably one of the funniest podcasts I’ve ever listened to. It’s about a brother and sister duo working in a funeral home in a tiny town when a rival funeral home opens up from across the street from them and starts stealing all their customers.

I think I fully fell in love with this podcast listening to the second episode where Rudyard, the brother in that sibling duo, tries to put out an ad in the local paper for his funeral home and it completely backfires against him. I was on a walk while listening to this episode and kept laughing the entire time, with a lot of people giving me strange looks.

(Art by Alice Oseman)

Rudyard and his sister Antigone despise Eric Chapman, the guy who opens another funeral home, because he’s always twelve steps ahead of them. The antics this sibling duo get into are just so hilarious and I guarantee you’ll be laughing.

Oh, and I almost forget the best thing about this podcast: it’s narrated by a mouse named Madeline!

This podcast needs to be a TV show because it would be so epic! It reminds me a lot of Fawlty Towers, which is one of my favourite shows. If you’ve seen that, then you get a good idea of what Wooden Overcoats is about.

3. Lady Gaga’s new song

Lady Gaga is my favourite singer and I’m not surprised at all that I’ve become obsessed with her new song. It’s already iconic and is so remnant of her older work. Give it a listen!



I’ve become just a tad obsessed with bookmarks recently. I’ve always used bookmarks while reading, but if I had to I’d be fine using a spare scrap of paper or a receipt to mark my place in a book. But now I can only use bookmarks — and pretty ones too.

These are my favourites in my collection. The seven small bookmarks at the top are by Jessica Jade Designs. The quotes are from a few different books including The Mortal Instruments, Circe, The Stareless Sea, The Priory of the Orange Tree and The Raven Boys.

The “Lightwood” bookmark is by The Bookish Vault. The Lightwoods are my favourite family in the Shadowhunter universe and I need to have more merch about them!

The “A kingdom, or this” bookmark is by Zwischenseitlich. The quote is from Kings Rising by C.S. Pacat, which is one of my favourite books ever.

And the seven at the bottom fo the photo are by Hawberries! These are my favourite bookmarks in my collection. The characters are Damen and Laurent from the Captive Prince series. Hawberries is on hiatus at the moment and I’m not sure if she will continue making these bookmarks once they’re sold out, so if you like them, get them as soon as you can!

5. Candles


I have a lot of candles decorating my bookshelf, but my newest and favourites are these Captive Prince inspired candles. The brown one is called “Damianos of Akielos” and the purple is “Laurent of Vere.” They’re supposed to smell like what we think Damen and Laurent would smell like … and honestly the maker was so on point! They smell so great! The Damen candle smells like sandalwood and the Laurent one smells like fresh, clean linen. I love them.

These candles are made by Fire Nation Creations.

6. My new brown cardigan


My sister bought me this cardigan for my birthday and I’m already obsessed with it. When I wear it, I look like a nerdy nonna and I love that. If anyone likes it, it’s from Uniqlo!

7. Cleanser


I’ve been using Kate Somerville’s goat milk cleanser for a month or so now and it’s incredible. I have sensitive skin so I need to be careful at what skincare products I use, so goat milk really is the best way to go. It makes my skin so soft and clean, and the cream also smells amazing!

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.51.19 pm

What things are you currently really enjoying? Have you watched The Untamed or listened to Wooden Overcoats? Let me know!

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