ScallywagAThon Sign Up & TBR

Yeah, yeah. I’m joining another readathon. This marks the fourth month in a row, including my own readathon in April. Leave me alone!

When I saw this readathon, I knew I had to join. I mean, hello, it’s pirates in space!! How could I not!? This readathon is running from May 5-12 and I’m two days late but I still couldn’t stop myself from joining up — there’s only four books to read, and you can double up on books, so I should be able to do it!

Here’s the readathon’s official Twitter and make sure you check out all the hosts:

How it works

  • Start by choosing a starting point (# 1-5)
  • From your starting point, following the line of the color of the circle OUT to find your next challenge. Most stops have two options leading out. Challenges are listed beside the number.
  • A-C are detours, because we all get a little lost sometimes. They are part of your journey.
  • 9 & 10 lead to X marks the spot! Your reward is completing the readathon (sorry mate, wish I had gold to hand out!)
  • Each pirate has 4 challenges to complete in the week. However, feel free to complete more!
  • If another challenge suits you more than your original options, you can swap them. The goal is to have fun! If you have a question regarding what counts or what you can read, the answer is probably yes!

The map


The challenges 



30212107Extraterrestrial: from a genre you don’t normally read

I’ve chosen Days Without End to read for this prompt, as its high literature/a classic/adult fiction. All genres I don’t typically read from (I only usually read adult romance). I also have been meaning to read this book since April as it was the April pick for my bookclub, and I, uh, didn’t. My bad. But too be fair I had my own readathon to read for and that was 10 books!

33294200Blow down the man: book by a female author

I’ve been wanting to read A Poet X for a while now, and thankfully it was chosen by my followers for my TBR for May. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book and so many of my mutuals absolutely adore it, so I’m very keen for it!


22552026Angle of attack: book about a problem facing society

Long Way Down has been on my TBR for like two years now? It’s another novel in verse, like The Poet X, so it shouldn’t take me too long to read. The novel follows a young man who is trying to decide whether or not he should go through with killing his brother’s murderer, as there’s no justice for black men in America.


40711378Assessing the booty: a recently hauled book

Technically I didn’t buy this book, it was an ARC, but it’s still a hauled book, right? Right. All I know about this book is it’s about Hamlet and a bisexual main character, and that’s it. But I’m still so very excited for it, I’ve heard many good things!


Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.51.19 pm

That’s my TBR! Is anyone else signing up for ScallywagAThon? Let me know your TBR is you are?

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