Reminder: #UnsolvedAThon – A Buzzfeed Unsolved Readathon

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Hi all!

This is just a reminder that my Buzzfeed Unsolved readathon, #UnsolvedAThon, is coming up in less than a week!! It runs from April 1 – 30.

If you haven’t heard, I’m hosting a Buzzfeed Unsolved inspired readathon! For the readathon, you’re an amateur sleuth working on an unsolved case. In order to crack the case, you need to solve the 10 clues on the investigation board!

There are two avatars you can play as: Ryan or Shane. Depending on which avatar you choose determines which path on the Investigation Board (the game board/bingo board) you take.

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There are 10 episodes of Buzzfeed Unsolved for each avatar path: five supernatural episodes and five true crime episodes. These episodes work as “clues” that will help you solve the unsolved case! In order to solve a clue, you need to read a book that relates to that episode. Once a clue has been solved (meaning you’ve read a book) you can move onto the next clue by following the red string. Solve all 10 clues (read all 10 books) and you’ve solved the unsolved case and completed the readathon!

For more info, check out the announcement post here!

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