My 2019 Reading & Blogging Goals

Last year, I joined three year-long reading challenges, along with my own sort-of challenge that I created, and the annual Goodreads goal challenge. While I really do enjoy participating in reading challenges, this year I wanted to try something a little different. This is partly due to changing my reading up a little bit and because I’m hosting two readathons this year anyway — so I have plenty of reading challenges to have fun with.

So instead of joining more challenges, I decided to set myself some blogging and reading goals — which I (hope) I can accomplish by the end of 2019. Please wish me luck!

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Goal 1: Read at least one classic book a month

This goal shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish as I am currently am member of the Classics Club, a group of readers who are committed to reading 50 classics books over a five year period. That brings it down to about 10 books a year, and while some of the Classics books I have my eye on aren’t part of my original list, I’m still very excited to read more Classics.

Goal 2: Read the book chosen for my personal bookclub

This year, my friend Steffie and I decided to make our own little bookclub. Each month, we will read one book together, and then meet up at the end of the month to discuss the book over pizza and wine.

Goal 3: Cut down on ARCs — focus more on my backlist

I had a bad problem with ARCs last year, that was completely my fault: I kept requesting books I wasn’t really interested in. And the reason I did that? Because they were so popular, I wanted to be part of the hype. But once I requested the book — or had been approved for it — I realised I wasn’t actually interested in the book at all.

Goal 4: Read at least 5 books from a genre I wouldn’t normally read

I’ve been trying to expand my reading choices, which I sort of did in 2018, but not as much as I wished I did. I have a tendency to read mainly romance and YA. This year, I’m hoping to read a book from a genre that I normally wouldn’t have picked up: like literature, poetry, historical, self-help, horror, true crime, and humour.

Goal 5: Read at least 6 non-fiction books

I really do enjoy non-fiction books, and I really want to make it a goal of mine to read more. Sometimes, non-fiction is so much more fascinating than fiction. Plus, I have a lot of non-fiction titles already at home, especially after my trip to America last year.

Goal 6: Reread at least 10 books — favourites/non-favourites alike 

This might seem like a strange goal, but I am the type of person who really does like rereading books. I never used to, but this year I reread a whole bunch of old favourites and fell in love with them even more. This year, I even plan to reread some books I didn’t like in the hope that I may have changed my mind so many years later.

Goal 7: Read at least 100 books in 2019

This is for the Goodreads annual challenge. Last year, I read over 100 books — almost 200 actually — and same in 2017. I hope this year I can read just as much, which might prove difficult if I manage to get a full-time job. So this goal might prove more difficult than the others!


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Goal 1: Review at least one book a week

For a few months back in 2018, I barely reviewed any books — it was a literal struggle to have to force myself to write a review. I had lost that passion. But then I found it again, thankfully, because at the end of the day I started this blog to review books. I don’t want to lose it again so I’m going to try to review one book a week — that comes to four books a month (what I was doing the last few months of 2018).

Goal 2: Post on my blog at least 3 times a week 

I’m usually pretty good at posting three times a week, so hopefully this one won’t be too hard to do. The only issue will be if I get a full-time job next year, I probably won’t have as much time to post on my blog. So, we’ll see!

Goal 3: Write more discussion posts

I fully intended to write more discussion posts last year and I wrote maybe 3? 4? I can’t really remember, but no where near as many as I wanted to! I’m hoping that I put some effort into writing more this year — the problem is I have to figure out what to write!

Goal 4: Write more recommendation posts

I started a series last year called ‘If you like that, try these …’, where I give a bunch of recommendations based on a particular book. I really enjoyed doing these posts, but they were a lot of work, but I love recommending books so I’ll be bringing this series back and maybe doing some other kind of recommendation posts.

Goal 5: Interact more with the bookish community

Unfortunately, towards the end of 2018, I wasn’t interacting with the book community as much as I wished to. I have a lot of personal issues, I was in my last semester of my Master’s degree, I was working six days a week to pay for my holiday, and of course, Christmas came along. It was a pretty exhausting five/six months, but I’m hoping I have more energy to engage more with this amazing community!


Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.51.19 pm

What do you think of my 2019 reading and blogging goals for 2019? 

I’m really hoping I can complete these goals: the blogging ones shouldn’t be too hard, unless I get a full-time job, but the reading goals might be a little difficult. Let’s try anyway!

Do you have any 2019 reading and blogging goals? Let me know!


11 thoughts on “My 2019 Reading & Blogging Goals

  1. littlebookynook says:

    I think it is so gorgeous that you have your own personal bookclub with your friend (who has an awesome name by the way, hahaha). I love your goal for rereading your favourites!! I am currently rereading City of Lost Souls, and will then go onto City of Heavenly Fire, then Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy (because I actually haven’t read this one yet!).

    You’ve got some great goals for reading and blogging, and all of them very much achievable. Good luck lovely!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • thebookcorps says:

      Haha thank you Steffy!! Lmao you guys do share a pretty awesome name 😘 I also want to reread TMI!! Last time I reread the books was back in 2016. Yeah, there’s just something that’s so fun about rereading old favourites, I want to get back into them!
      Oooh I hope you love Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy!! My favourite story from there is Born to Endless Night — it’s the story of how Alec and Magnus got baby Max! also there’s so many stories of the blackthorns and other characters, you’ll love it! then read Ghosts of the Shadow Market!!

      Thank you 😘💕

      Liked by 2 people

      • littlebookynook says:

        Ohhhh that will be awesome to see how Alec and Magnus got Max!! Because I missed the shadowhunter academy, when I read Lady Midnight they had Max and I had no idea when that happened!!! I will definitely then go onto Ghosts of the Shadow Market because I have clearly missed ALOT, considering I profess my love for Cassie Clare’s books all the time hahahaha.

        Liked by 2 people

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