The ABC Book Challenge | “L”

Hi all!

It’s time for another post in the ABC Book Challenge series, one coming out each week for 26 weeks! I originally saw this post over on Jacquie @ Rattle the Stars‘ blog — please go check out Jacquie’s incredible blog!

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Today, I have a lot of memorable titles starting with L! What can I say, L is the best letter ☺️. Leah on the Offbeat is an incredible novel with a badass, fat bisexual girl that everyone needs to read! I absolutely love Life in Outer Space — a #LoveOzYA — about a group of fiends in their final year of high school. It’s fun and quirky. Y’ALL KNOW I LOVE LEO LOVES ARIES SO MUCH!!! I’ve read it 4 times! Theo is my disaster bi son who hides his vulnerability behind his humour, and Jamie is fucking #baegoals (is that still a thing?). READ IT! I know some people don’t really like Laurent and the Beast but I really enjoyed it. I love Laurent, a young gay man who time travels through the help of a demon: he’s a little awkward because he doesn’t know the modern world, but he’s super funny too.

So you guys will know how much I love Luck in the Shadows and that I’ve gotten quite a few of my friends to read it too! It’s such an incredible book and I can’t wait to read the rest in the Nightrunner series. Lord of Shadows was an amazing book, I’m still reeling from it. Looking for Alibrandi is a #LoveOzYA novel about an Italian-Australian girl during her last year of high school. It’s amazing, I love it so much. The Long Song of Sawyer Bell is the cutest f/f novel I’ve ever read!



The Lake House is about a woman who investigates the decades old disappearance of her infant brother. I’ve heard really good things about this book, plus I feel like I should read a Kate Morton novel. I really want to read The Last of the Wine! Mary Renault writes awesome historical novels and it looks incredible. I’ve heard incredible things about The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, mainly because it features an f/f romance. I’m so so so excited for Last Couple in Hell by KJ Charles! It’s KJ’s first foray into f/f romance (I don’t really count The Price of Meat because the novella wasn’t romance, it was a woman trying to rescue her lover).

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5 thoughts on “The ABC Book Challenge | “L”

  1. miffta80 says:

    I have Ladies In Black by Madeleine St. John. Published in 1993 as The Women In Black, it is renamed Ladies In Black for the film adaptation as I assume not to be confused with thr horror film The Woman In Black (starring Daniel Radcliffe)

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  2. littlebookynook says:

    I’ve never read Looking for Alibrandi but I watched the movie back in highschool and it was like, one of my favourite movies. Quite a few books in this post that I haven’t read, but I have seen you talk about quite a few of these so I’ll have to keep an eye out for them!! Omg Lord of Shadows….not long until the final book comes out…EEEK!!!!

    Great post as always xx

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    • thebookcorps says:

      OMG I love Looking for Alibrandi! It’s a book that close to my heart because I relate so much to it — Josie’s experiences as an Italian-Australian girl match my experiences so much. kjadshfkjashf I can’t wait for Queen of Air and Darkness — few more months to go!

      thank you bb 😘

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