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I saw this book tag over on Flavia @ Flavia the Bibliophile‘s blog and I physically couldn’t stop myself from doing it. I LOVE HOCUS POCUS. My childhood was basically me watching Hocus Pocus, and Pocahontas II, over and over again until my parents hated both movies.


I’m going to be dedicating this tag to showing off lesser-known books, as I feel like I always choose the same ones for tags! Hopefully this might inspire people to read these semi-unknown books! 😁

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prisonerThe Kria trilogy by Megan Derr is incredible! It’s an m/m series, filled with a complex magical system, politics, and loveable characters. The first book, Prisoner (my favourite in the series), follows Dieter, the General of the Krian Scarlet Army, who’s entire army is murdered by an unnamed Salharan, whom Dieter captures. Together, Dieter and the Salharan discover powerful secrets about both of their countries. The second book, Bound, is set a generation later, with the son of the Kaiser of Kria, Ingolf, attempting to seek vengeance from Dieter’s desendants. The third book, The Bastard Prince, is set outside of Kria, but is connected. It follows Reyes, a quiet secretary to the King who’s days are filled with ignoring the flirtation from the Duke of Keyes. When the Kingdom is attacked, it’s clear that their is a traitor in their midst, especially when a man suddenly appears claiming he is the bastard son of the King and that he has a claim to the throne.



Admittedly this is a semi-cute f/f contemporary, but the ex-girlfriend is a horrible person. She may not be evil in the traditional sense, but the way she treats the Alix, the MC, and everyone else is abhorrent. Swanee, the ex-grilfriend, bullies everyone around her, but in such a way that you don’t know it’s bullying. She also cheats, shows no remorse for playing with people’s emotions, steals, and treats her sister like dirt. She is probably one of the very few YA girl characters that I actively hate. I still really liked this book. but Swanee was terrible. Also, what kind of name is Swanee?hocus-pocus-3


I read quite a few books from the Ranger’s Apprentice series in high school and loved it. I don’t know why I never finished the books – I think they took too long to came out – but everyone in my year level was obsessed with this series. It’s an Aussie YA series about a boy called Will who is apprenticed as a Ranger, a secret guard service that have ties to magic. While first annoyed that he won’t get the chance to train as a warrior, but soon he and his master are off on a mission to prevent the King’s assassination. I’ve been meaning to finish the series for ages, and hopefully I can, but this is definitely one that so many children read, at least back when I was a kid.



Oh wow, don’t even get me started on how silly this book is … and how much I loved it! Jessica is in her final year of high school when she meets a new exchange student named Lucius, who claims that she is a Romanian vampire princess and that he is her fiancé. Armed with a copy of Growing Up Undead: A Teen Vampire’s Guide to Dating, Health and Emotions, Jessica has to juggle high school, romance, and stopping a vampire war. It’s ridiculous but actually quite fun too. I read it in high school on a recommendation from a friend, and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I wonder what I would think if I read it now. I don’t think I would like it was much, to be honest.



I have very fond memories of the Vampire Academy series, but even I know it tried really hard to be cool and didn’t always succeed. It’s about a girl named Rose who is a dhampir, half-human half-vampire, and who’s job it is to protect the Moroi (good vampires) royals. It’s a really great series, but I feel like if I were to read it now, I don’t think I would like it as much. Rose was awesome, but there were many times she just … tried so hard. She was funny, but it was obvious the author was trying to make her and the books cool, and it didn’t always work. I still have a special place in my heart for this series, but I can see how much it tried to be cool.  hocus-pocus-6


On the Jellicoe Road is my favourite #LoveOzYA book – even though it was written way before #LoveOzYA was a thing. It’s about a girl named Taylor who discovers secrets about her mother and her own past that she knows nothing about. It’s so haunting and it isn’t afraid to tell it like it is in regards to depression and mental illness. It’s a dark book that doesn’t shy away from telling the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable. I highly recommend this book, it’s just amazing and your life will change once you read it.  hocus-pocus-7


So this series did, eventually, die, but for a while there it felt like it was never ending! The Morganville Vampires was a pretty great book series: it’s about a sixteen year old genius girl called Claire, who was smart enough to have been accepted into college two years early. She moves to Morganville, where she discovers a deadly town secret. I loved this series years ago, but there’s 15 books in the series – that’s so unnecessary. I never even finished the series – I think I read 11 books. I only have 4 books left so I might as well finish the series. I don’t want to put anyone off, because I did love the series, I just don’t think they needed this many books. Also, how can anyone write 15 books in one series? That’s just crazy. hocus-pocus-8


I really, really enjoyed this book and the MC, Sana, is not dumb, but the decisions she makes are incredibly dumb. The book is about a girl named Sana who moves to a new city with her family, begins to crush on a girl, and discovers her father may be having an affair. Sana makes some absolute bad decisions in this book and she does learn from it, but I don’t think that completely excuses her either. She makes some pretty racist comments, treats her girlfriend and other friend quite terribly, and makes some terrible comments about her Japanese mother. At the end of the day, she is only 16 and she 100% learns, but at the time I was annoyed at her decisions – or lack of decisions. hocus-pocus-9


I absolutely adored this series when I read it in high school, and I wish I could resurrect it. The Guardians of Time is about a boy called Ethan who has a secret life as a Guardian of the Named – he and his friends basically travel through time, attempting to prevent the Order of Chaos from altering history. I also just found out that the author is releasing a fourth book in this series!! 😱 There’s absolutely no news about it – don’t know anything about the plot, or the characters – but I am super, super, super excited for the new book! I think this is a great time to reread the series, because I will admit I don’t remember much. I mainly remember how much I loved the books.



Book of Shadows is the first book in the Sweep series. It’s about a a girl named Morgan who discovers she is a witch and is caught up in ancient family drama. I really enjoyed this book when I first read it, but I do know a lot of people don’t and that’s probably due to the writing. Did you ever read The Vampire Diaries books? The writing is like that: very simplistic. The books themselves aren’t very long either, and that definitely gives off another TVD feel. However, I don’t think this book series is as bad as people make it out to be: at its heart, it’s fun, unique and has great characters that you can’t help but ship (even with the love triangle – it’s old, ok?).hocus-pocus-11

35080593I wanted to read this series for ages, and I finally got around to reading it this year. I originally loved it – I loved the characters, the plot, and learning about the interesting magical system over many books – but now I feel like the books are getting away from the author. The Whyborne and Griffin series is going off on its own direction, and I don’t think Jordan L. Hawk has any control over it anymore. It’s getting a little weird, especially with the inclusion of sea creatures and shadow creatures, but I will admit I got a little more interested in the last book that was released, Draakenwood. I think in the next book we’ll be getting aliens/creatures from another world? I’m intrigued but confused as to how everything connects. hocus-pocus-12

ScorpioHatesVirgo-fScorpio Hates Virgo is the second book in the Signs of Love series and it is the cutest thing ever! The entire series is actually super cute, to be honest! The book is about a guy called Percy who moves back to the cul-de-sac he grew up in when his deceased aunt leaves him her house. There, he gets close to his childhood nemesis, Cal. It’s amazing, and what makes the book even greater is the fact that the MC from the first book, Theo from Leo Loves Aries, makes a cameo in the second book! As well as his boyfriend, Jaime! Love it, love them.


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