October Wrap-up: The Month I Had to School :(

I can’t believe October is over! I am exhausted – uni was crazy hard this semester, from class to assignments to exams. I am ready to sleep forever … and read a lot of books. Surprisingly, this month I managed to read quite a few books – mainly quick and easy romances, a few were part of a blog tour, one was a sad biography (😭), and another was one I’ve been meaning to read for years!

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 2.32.35 pm

Books Read
9 novels, 1 anthology

Books Reviewed

cover121483-mediumThe Uncrossing is one of the best books I’ve read this year. I love it so much.

It’s chock full of a unique magical world filled with fairytales, magical mafia, and a secret family curse. PLEASE read this book!!

Read my review.


29523636Dare Mighty Things was a fascinating thriller with an underlying mystery that had me reading until early morning to discover.

Featuring an asexual protagonist, this book contains aliens and a government conspiracy. It’s awesome.

Read my review.


35527728A novella with complex politics and magic systems that just couldn’t quite do it for me. The Tiger’s Watch would have been much better as a full-length novel.

However, a gender fluid protagonist in a YA is amazing – too bad the characterisation wasn’t the best. An average story.

Read my review.


18607160Another novel that I found to be average. Lies my Girlfriend Told Me was an oscillating story – sometimes I loved it, sometimes I was annoyed by it. The characters were touch-and-go, the story was on-and-off, and the writing was simple.

It’s not the best YA f/f story out there, but for the most part, it was enjoyable.

Read my review.


32903002All in Fear was an amazing queer horror anthology, and I hope more people read it. My FAVOURITE story from the collection was Legion: A Love Story. Seriously, buying the book is worth it for just that one story. AMAZING. The other stories were great too, and my second favourite was my girl KJ’s The Price of Meat. 

Read my review.


Book of the Month

35482402Off the Ice was an amazing novel! I’m still reeling over how much I loved it. A m/m sports romance, Off the Ice focused more on bettering oneself and what life after a professional sports career would be like, as opposed to sports itself. So unique. The love interests, Tristan and Sebastian, were wonderful, and the development of their relationship was pulled off perfectly. Another gem from Piper Vaughn and Avon Gale! I love these authors!

My review of this book will be coming out early November. I am part of the Instagram Release Tour: keep an eye out on my Instagram page! (Hint: maybe even 1/11!?) (Oh, and it took me WEEKS to take a good photo, so ya’ll better like it please and thank you.)


Monthly Disappointment

27384973Not much of a disappointment in the traditional sense, but Breakaway wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. It was still a good novel, but I was unable to really connect with the characters.

Lane was a sweetheart at the beginning, but I couldn’t handle him for a full novel – he was just very … naive. Jared, on the other hand, I loved, and I really enjoyed how they complemented each other as a couple. But, I also think they got together very quickly – I’m talking around the 40% mark – and that was probably why I didn’t enjoy the novel as much. After they got together, there was nothing that kept me invested me in the story anymore. Very strange that I didn’t like this one as much as I hoped, especially because it was by Avon Gale, and I adored Off the Ice!!

Tags and Awards

This month I participated in a quite a few tags! Take a look at the tags to see my answers and who I tagged in turn.

The Narnia Tag
End of Summer Tag
A-Z Bookish Tag

I was also nominated for an award!! Yay!! Click on the award button below to see who I nominated in turn 💕.

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Extra Content

asset4This month I was part of the Blog Tour for the anthology All in Fear: A Collection of Six Horror Tales. The horror stories were all queer, and each were wonderfully unique and so fascinating to read. My favourite tale was Legion: A Love Story by Avon Gale (um, I’m seeing a theme this month). Anyway, I highly recommended checking out this anthology, it was amazing!! Click on the image to see the Blog Tour and all of my reviews!

classicsclub1I also joined a Classic Book Club! You might recall I had a literary book bucket list up on my blog for a while – it was a list of all of the literary novels I’ve ever wanted to read. Then a helpful fellow blogger introduced me to a club that was already dedicated to reading classics books, and I decided to join!

Check out my post explaining the club and chosen books, and this is the official page where I will update whenever I read a new book.

Also, I’ve already posted my November TBR, also known as my End of Uni Book and TV TBR! Take a look at all the books I plan to read and shows I intend to watch.


Beulah Land by Nancy Stewart: a f/f YA novel about a girl discovering her sexuality in the deep U.S. South, where it’s still dangerous to be queer.

The Love Song of Swayer Bell by Avon Gale: I promise I’m not stalking Avon Gale (… well). Anyway, this is supposed to be a super cute adult f/f book about musicians falling in love. Yay!

This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada: I’ve head nothing but good things about this book! An intense YA sci-fi about hackers and a future plague that wiped out almost all of humanity. I’m also part of the blog tour for this book, sometime in November. So keep an eye out!

Purchased Books

I need help, someone stop me.

Non-Bookish Stuff

I didn’t do much this month aside from studying, but my friend Venus and I went to a performance of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing! In Melbourne, we’ve been lucky enough to have built a ‘pop-up’ Globe, similar to Shakespeare’s Globe in London, and they’ve been performing a few of his shows there.

I had the best time watching the show – it was hilarious, and the actors were amazing! I love how they incorporated Maori culture into the performance through music and dancing. It was incredible, and if you live in Melbourne, I highly suggest going to a performance! I should be going to another one sometime in November!

Here’s a few photos! The one of the ticket was taken by my friend, Venus.

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 12.26.49 pm

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 2.32.35 pm

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 12.38.46 pm

How was your October? What books did you read? Have you finished school for the year too? 


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