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Looking for help for a school article

Hi guys!

So for my media class at university, I am writing an article about men identifying as feminists on Tinder in order to hook up. These so-called feminists only identity as such for however so long it benefits them – the second it is no longer helpful, or they get a negative response, they become abusive and belittle/harass women. I will be writing about bogus male allies; how some women shy away from labelling themselves as feminists but men are comfortable using the term if it gets them what they want; and why is not ok to use a movement about equality and liberation to actually disguise misogyny and dupe women.

It would be really helpful if some people, if they feel comfortable, could share their experiences to help me for my article – like you thought you met a really nice feminist guy, but he turned out to be anything but, or anything else. This article will not be made public at all: it won’t appear online, or in a newspaper or anything like that. The only person who will be reading the article is my lecturer and that is only so I can get a grade! If you prefer, I will not use your real name – I can come up with a pseudonym (or you can!). My email is thebookcorps@gmail.com – you can message me there if you want would like to share your experience.

Thank you for reading, and thank you to anyone who will want to share their experience! ❤



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