The Candy Book Tag!

Thank you very much to Nadwa @ Painfully Fictional for tagging me in this post! Everyone please go check out her awesome blog here.

Apples – Ah. Healthy food. It is deep, meaningful, and probably won a lot of awards but, um, it really isn’t your thing.


Ughhhhhhh. I don’t know how a book about a paedophile marrying a woman in order to seduce her underage daughter, then kidnapping said daughter when the mother dies, is considered a literary classic, but it is. I’m not sure if it has won any awards, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it has. It is a novel steeped in metaphors, motifs and a self-aware narrator who is on the cusp of psychosis. I detest this book and yet it remains a favourite for so many people. Go figure.

Milk Chocolate – This is a book you’d recommend to absolutely EVERYONE.


Sigh. If you hadn’t noticed (seeing as I talk about it in almost every post), I love this freaking book. I love Lizzie, I love Darcy, I love Jane, Mr. Bennet, Mrs. Bennet, Caroline, Bingley … EVERYONE. No matter how many times I read this book, it does not grow old.

Black Jellybeans – Why do these exist??


Um, if the question is what book do you wish doesn’t exist, I would have to choose Paper Princess by Erin Watt. Nope, nope, nope. Please don’t read this book. It is rife with victim blaming, slut shaming and it reeks of sexism. It honestly terrifies me that young women will read this book and think it is romantic for a guy to treat them this way. (FYI: it’s not).

Chocolate Kisses – Awww this novel had the best romance


adore the romance between Damen and Laurent. They go from enemies to lovers in the space of three novels, and it is a verrrrrrrryyyyyyy long slow burn. Once they becomes lovers, the sweetness between them kills me and there were several moments I sobbed.

Gummy Spiders – Eek! You made sure to check under your bed every night for a week after reading this scary one.


I don’t read many scary novels because I am an absolute baby, but I did read Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist in high school and it terrified me. Not just the vampire element, but also the weird sexual predator/vampire servant who spies on children. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about this book.

Jumbo Lollipop – This took you forever to get through, but hey! You did it!


It took me some time to think of a book that took me a while to read because I am a very fast reader – it only takes me a few days to read a book. But then I remembered The Odyssey by Homer, which I read for the first time for my senior Classics class at high school. Took me half of the year to read the book – and just in time for exams. I’ve reread it since, but the first time it took months.

Cotton Candy – Admit it, you loved this when you were younger (you probably still do). Think children’s or MG fiction.


Not a children’s novel, but I did read it many, many years ago and there is a part of me that still loves this book. I loved Twilight. I read all four books, had my mother purchase the final novel the day it came out (because I was at school), and had so much Twilight merch, it was not even funny. I have been meaning to reread this book for a while now; I wonder if I will still like it today. (Probably not).

I tag:

Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews

Amy @ Novel Gossip

Tiana @ The Book Raven

Angelica @ The Book Cover Girls

Kim @ By Hook or By Book

Hope you guys have fun completing the tag!!

-Laura ❤

16 thoughts on “The Candy Book Tag!

  1. Book Princess Review (@_bookprincess_) says:

    This is always such a fun tag to read. I’ve heard a lot of things about Paper Princess, but after seeing what you just said, I’m definitelyyyyyy going to be staying away from that. And yes, I really don’t see the draw of Lolita either and how it has become the insanely popular book that it is. XD I sadly have already done this tag, but thanks so much for thinking of me. Wonderful tag, though, and you definitely helped me to make sure not to pick up these books! 🙂


  2. ignitedmoth says:

    What a fun tag! 🙂
    Ooh, Let The Right One was a good book. You’re right, it was indeed very creepy and disturbing for reasons other than the whole vampire thing. I really enjoyed the Swedish film they did of it too. 🙂 (Never watched the American version though.)
    I read The Odyssey back when I was in middle school and enjoyed that one as well. I might need to re-read it one day now that I’m older. Like you mentioned in the Cotton Candy category, our tastes do tend to change.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thebookcorps says:

      I watched the Swedish film too and loved it, though they did leave a lot out (and probably for a good reason). I didn’t watch the American one either, I don’t like American remakes of foreign films.
      It’s a good idea to reread Odyssey as an adult! I’ve been meaning to do that with the Iliad. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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