Top Five Wednesday – Current Faves

Top 5 Wednesday is a book meme created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @ThoughtsOnTomes. To join in on the fun, check out the Goodreads group here!

This week’s topic is …

Current Favourites that Aren’t Books 

1. Vikings – TV Show 


I have loved this show since it first came out in 2013, and every season just gets better and better. The second part of season 4 premiered a few weeks ago and I have been glued to the screen each week. It’s a truly amazing show – everyone please watch it!!

2. Joanne by Lady Gaga 


Lady Gaga’s newest album is soul-touching. For the life of me I cannot stop listening to each song. Every time I go into my car, I put the CD on. Whenever I listen to my iPod, I immediately scroll to her songs. My favourite songs from Joanne are: Diamond Heart, Perfect Illusion, Joanne, Hey Girl, Grigio Girls, John Wayne, Dancing in Circles, and Million Reasons. So half the album basically.

3. HSP


I don’t know how popular these are outside of Melbourne  (probably not), but if you ever visit my city you NEED to try one of these bad boys. HSP stands for Halal Snack Pack and they are as delicious as they look. Basically they comprise of fried chips, with halal meat (chicken or lamb or both) on top, shredded cheese; and then topped with BBQ, garlic and chili sauces. It is the most amazing thing I have ever eaten. Just looking at that photo makes me hungry.

4. Kylie’s Lipkit 


Don’t judge me, but I have two of Kylie’s Lipkits and they are as amazing as everyone says. I didn’t intend to buy one of these – I’ve been very happy with the cheapy version of this from Nyx – but it was a friend’s birthday last year and a few of us were going in on a present for her. She loves makeup so we bought her one of the Lipkits and decided, while they were in stock, it would be silly not to get one for ourselves. I got two: Love Bite and Candy K. Love Bite is very dark and looks like the colour of a hickey – I wear that when I got out – while Candy K is a soft shade and perfect for everyday use.

5. Gorman 

Gorman is a Melbourne-based fashion label – it’s incredibly hipster and very expensive. A t-shirt will set you back about $200. Surprisingly, their raincoats – which are their most popular item of clothing – are only $100 and I swear every second person wears them in winter. I recently bought one (the one in the middle photo above) and can’t stop staring at how pretty it is. Bring on winter so I can show it off!

What are some of your current favourites? Let me know in the comments and get involved in T5W!

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