My Dream Crate – Kids Fighting Back!

Everyone has heard of Loot Crate,  a subscription box that caters to every nerd’s fantasies, gamers, readers and enthusiasts alike. If you are unfamiliar with them, Loot Crate offers 12 different monthly subscription boxes that feature dozens of fandoms from anime, to wrestling, to Marvel, and even for your pets! Check out which subscription box suits you here!

 I was approached by this awesome company to put together a “Dream Crate,” a box of my own design featuring fandoms I love most in the pop culture world. I had to choose a specific theme for the box, which franchises I adore above all, and of course, what objects I would put into my Dream Crate!

I thought long and hard about what kind of theme I wanted for my Dream Crate. Being given 100% creative freedom put a lot of pressure on me as I wanted to come up with the best box I possibly could, preferably one that I was passionate about as well. As I have been reading an abundance of middle grade fiction recently, I thought I could incorporate my love of children’s books into the theme, and so, I came up with the idea of KIDS FIGHTING BACK!

Kids Fighting Back is about empowerment of children and kids realising they are the arbiter of their own destinies. I love books and shows where the kids don’t wait around for the adults to help them; they take control themselves and save the day, the world, the universe.

Once I had the (epic) theme, I immediately came up with a large collection of fandoms to incorporate, but had to limit myself to four: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Steven Universe, Percy Jackson series, and Gravity Falls. 




library Library Bag: This awesome tote can be used as a library bag so kids /adults can borrow books with style – and a warning from our favourite author, Lemony Snicket.
Created by fantaztik

Candle: The “Baudelaire” soy candle smells divine, but burning it might lead to Count Olaf sniffing you out and trying to steal your fortune. Created by GoodBookHunting 

camphalfbloodT-shirt: Become a demi-god yourself with one of these powerful Camp Half-Blood t-shirts. Warning: wearing one might result in minotaurs hunting you down and trying to kill you. Created by CutseyTDesigns

apoll2Bookmark: For all who love the terrible-haiku-loving god, Apollo, this replica of an ancient Greek coin works as a bookmark, and is a unique and subtle way of showing your love for the series.  Created by Golden Artifacts 


Keyring: Watermelon Steven is the cutest accessory to carry with you – just try not to eat it please, it has feelings. Created by Brendaaarts

lion-steven-universe-yer-pillowsPillow: Steven’s trusty and mysterious sidekick Lion is a great companion to own and snuggle with – I hope you find a hidden world in your lion, too. Created by HappyQiwi

Journal: Dipper’s Journal is a great way for you to write down any weird occurrences and supernatural creatures you come across (hey, I don’t know you). Created by Genitox Publishing 

waddles1Plush toy: No hero is a true hero without an animal sidekick and you can’t get better than Waddles the Pig, who just sits there and makes cute noises. Created by Gravity Falls





This was such a fun and entertaining experience! Thank you very much to Loot Crate for asking me to put something together for them!

What other items do you think would be a good fit for the Kids Fighting Back! box? Or do you have your own version of a “Dream Crate”? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “My Dream Crate – Kids Fighting Back!

  1. sophiethestark says:

    This was such a great crate! I really love the theme, it’s so unique and awesome 🙂 I’ve always loved those types of characters too, the troublemakers and the rule breakers who didn’t let anyone tell them what to think and how to feel. They were so inspirational!
    Cute items, too! I’m not too big a fan of any of those fandoms (except for Percy Jackson) but I sure wouldn’t mind getting them all anyway 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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